New Gmail Tabs- Make Sure Your Message Gets Through

Posted by: Chris Marentis

New Gmail Tabs- Make Sure Your Message Gets Through


For most local marketing experts, email marketing is an important piece of the overall marketing strategy, and a significant chunk of our target audience uses Gmail. However, Google’s recent changes to Gmail have been frustrating and confusing to some Gmail users and marketers. On the other hand, some Gmail users like the new look and are happy to have their messages automatically categorized.


Instead of placing all incoming messages into one inbox, Google separated messages into three inboxes—Primary, Social, and Promotions. By default, all marketing messages are placed in the Promotions tab, which is located on the far right side of the screen.

Fortunately, users aren’t stuck with these three options. They can add more tabs of their choosing, or they can delete the tabs altogether and have only one folder for incoming messages. To make these changes, they can go to Inbox Settings.

What Gmail Tabs Means for Small Business Marketers

Even if your customers or clients have signed up to receive email messages from your company, your messages will probably end up in the Promotions tab. Fortunately, when people receive a message from you, they will be notified that a new message has arrived in their Promotions tab. However, your message might still get lost.

Because the tabs are so new, it’s impossible to know how many users are looking through their Promotions tabs. It is possible that some people view the messages in the Promotions tab less often than they look at the messages in the Primary tab.

You may have to make adjustments to the timing of special offers. If users check the Promotions tab, say, once a week, you’ll need to change your local internet marketing campaigns so that your emails or newsletters are reaching your potential customers when they are most likely to read them.

Communicate with Your Customers

If you want your business’s email messages to appear in your customers’ Primary tab, tell them how to move your messages. All they need to do is drag your email message over to the Primary tab. Gmail will then ask the user if he or she wants emails from you to appear in the Primary tab in the future. If the user clicks “Yes,” your messages will go straight to his or her Primary tab every time.

Some customers might appreciate your proactive communication, and they are also less likely to miss out on important news and special offers from your business after they move your messages to the Primary tab.

It is quite possible that Gmail users will soon become accustomed to the new layout, but there’s almost always some resistance to any new online product or feature. Don’t let this new feature scare you from utilizing email as a online marketing strategy. It’s still a very effect way to reach current and potential customers and shouldn’t be ignored.



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