Winning In Digital Marketing Takes More Than Just SEO

Digital Marketing Planning

*+-  Stop me if you’ve heard this before…digital marketing is more than just SEO; more than just social media; more than just a website; more than just blogging; more than just directory listings and so on. The simple truth is digital marketing can be any of those things and all of those things. And at […]

Is Your Digital Marketing Program Running On All Cylinders?

Digital Marketing

*+-A digital marketing engine runs on multiple cylinders which all need to be synchronized in order to work to your benefit…among them are: Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Content Marketing Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Social Media Directory Publishing Email Review/Reputation Management It’s essentially like an 8 cylinder marketing engine. Would you want a car that has an […]

First There Were 1-800 Numbers, Then Came Domain Names, and Now….

Home Services Marketing

*+-You’re cruising on the highway when you see a small business company’s van right in front of you. Be it a home remodeler, glass repair company or a roofing company and if you’re stuck in traffic, chances are you’ll remember the name of that company. So I believe any small business that has a van […]

Digital Marketing for Home Remodelers and the Home Services Industry

Digital Marketing for Home Remodelers

*+-I’m pretty much, kind of convinced that this internet thing may not be a fad. I’m afraid to say that there’s a fair chance it’s here to stay which means we all probably have to get used to making these bits and bytes thingies a front and center tactic in our customer acquisition strategies. The […]

Mr. Cranky Talks Website Design – When Gorgeous Is Ugly

Mr Cranky's Thoughts

*+-    “Your web site sucks! It’s so ugly!” “Oh yours is very pretty! How many leads does it generate?” “Leads? Generate? Wait…. What? It’s supposed to generate leads?”     When Pretty is Pretty Ugly Hey folks pretty is good if you’re entering your website in an art show but if you’re running a […]