Break a Leg: Generating Local Business Buzz with Online Video Marketing

With the introduction of the world wide web, video recording has taken on an entirely new meaning. This increasingly popular online “trend” has left us looking for our smart phone or flip camera in hopes of catching some sort of viral footage that will become the next “Charlie bit my Finger”- an Internet sensation overnight. These viral videos are great for a good laugh (view after view after view…), but more importantly, they have established one key element all local business owners are looking for: traffic.

Harnessing Brand Advocates In Social Media

Prospects involved in online communities can have a multiplier effect on your marketing effort if you can convert them into brand advocates for your business. In a recent eMarketer post we found a recent survey conducted by Synovate for word-of-mouth ad network PostRelease investigated just how likely Internet users are to talk about Brands and […]

Going Viral: Success Strategies for Viral Marketing

What is Viral Marketing? Often referred to as word of mouth, creating buzz, piggybacking… Viral marketing is a strategy that makes your current customers or people on your list visible, big supporters of your business (brand advocates). It’s a great straetgy to expand your user base to increase sales and customers. To make this work, […]

Lesson 6: Gather Market Data Consistently

After you locate your competitors and check out their online participation, it is time to do a thorough analysis of these competitors and those who are having a major impact on your market. Use their hard work to help out your business! The last video of Module 2 evaluates your competitors, and uses their findings and information for your own content. This video gives you tools and tips to finding out what your target audience wants, without spending days doing research.