Video: 5 Ways to Optimize Your Businesses YouTube Channel for SEO

Did you know that the average Internet user spends 15 minutes on YouTube everyday?!?! With millions and millions of videos to sort through, it is crucial to your online web presence that you optimize your videos and YouTube channel to reach your potential customers, once they type a keyword into the search bar. Need some help? Here are 6 surefire ways to get your YouTube channel up to par and converting your followers…fast!

Lesson 1: Using Video for Leads and Conversions

Video marketing is one of the fastest, effective and cheapest way to generate tons of traffic and go viral online. Video 1 of Module 6 goes through the 7 surefire steps to generating quality videos, using solid content to capture your prospective leads. So grab your camera, powder your face, and check out this video!

Lesson 6: Submit Video to Video Sharing Sites

I bet you didn’t know that there are more than 30 top-rated, free, video hosting sites. This translates to “more traffic” for your business. Now that your video is complete, and you are an expert in making informational broadcasts, it is time to put yourself out there for everyone to see. Don’t be nervous! By distributing your video online, and creating profiles under distribution networks you are giving your business more Google juice and a better chance of generating quality contractor leads.