Weekend Rollout with Surefire Social – May 1st

Twitter Marketing

Our customers are people with a good sense of humor who know how to tell a good long-form joke. We’ll have to share some of those in the future, but today, in the spirit of their contagious energy, and…since Friday (TGIF) has finally arrived, we wanted to grant our readers permission to close their email inboxes for a […]

How to Grow Your Business on Social with Tools to Help Along the Way

How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Business

  When used properly, social media can have an enormous benefit on your business, especially for small businesses. Quick sidenote, for those who are wondering where to start with social, check out my post from yesterday on how to build a social media strategy from the ground up. But yeah, if you still doubt social […]

Twitter Has Introduced Customizable Retweets

New Retweet Ability

Old Twitter With Twitter’s recent webpage and mobile application update, adding a comment to something you want to retweet has gotten even easier! Previously on Twitter’s website, if you wanted to quote/comment on a user’s tweet, you’d have to copy and paste the user’s tweet into a completely separate message. Of course there’s always the simple […]

Online Social Media Marketing May See a Twitter Transformation

Woman Hand Holding Iphone With Twitter On The Screen

As a local internet marketer, it’s likely that Twitter plays some role in your marketing strategy. That’s why you’ll want to pay attention to recent news of a major shift from Twitter. Instead of following user accounts, Twitter is now adding tweets to users’ feeds that are solely based on their interests. In some ways, […]

TV Advertising Comes to Twitter

  Twitter has become an essential part of the TV viewing experience, in fact Twitter cites that “64 percent of mobile centric users on Twitter use it in front of the TV at home.” During the average basic cable television block, Twitter handles are promoted alongside everything from station tags to advertisements. More and more […]