Creating Original Social Media Content for Small Businesses

The quality of your content determines the effectiveness of your marketing. You must make your business’ products and services matter to your target market and social media gives you the opportunity to spread your message to them directly. However, it can be difficult to find out what types of content will work for your customers […]

How Lawyers Can Use LinkedIn Effectively

  For lawyers in particular, LinkedIn can be a powerful networking tool. The success of your law firm depends on your ability to make personal connections with people, and ultimately, to get them to trust you. According to Mashable, LinkedIn is a great way to make those connections, as long as you’re using it the […]

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Social Media Campaign

While many CEOs still aren’t fully engaged in social media, their CMOs are.  In a recent survey conducted by Bazaarvoice, it was found that CMOs are consistently basing marketing decisions on social media data that they received.  Over 80% of them believe that social media efforts have an impact on brand awareness and brand loyalty, […]

How To Use Analytics To Determine How You Are Doing With Social Media

How To Use Analytics To Determine How You Are Doing With Social Media When people start participating in social media, the most common sentiment is that it is a waste of time. The more social media becomes a part of our online activities, the more brands start to participate. However, many still view it as […]