Creating Original Social Media Content for Small Businesses

The quality of your content determines the effectiveness of your marketing. You must make your business’ products and services matter to your target market and social media gives you the opportunity to spread your message to them directly. However, it can be difficult to find out what types of content will work for your customers […]

3 Most Challenging Aspects Of Social Media Marketing

Marketing in the distributed web takes a completely new set of skills than traditional business marketing.  We have been conduction a poll asking our audience (almost 1,000 on LinkedIn)of business owners and senior executives “What the most challenging aspect of implementing a social media marketing program is?”. Here are some results: Most Challenging Aspects Of […]

Please Don’t Use Social Media Marketing If You…

Please Don’t Use Social Media Marketing If You… …have the slightest inkling you have torpor. Torpor means “lack of vitality or interest”. Creating a long-term relationship with consumers, clients and brand advocates via the distributive and social Web requires that you have, or are doing, something we’ll find interesting: a message, product or service possessing […]

Harnessing Brand Advocates In Social Media

Prospects involved in online communities can have a multiplier effect on your marketing effort if you can convert them into brand advocates for your business. In a recent eMarketer post we found a recent survey conducted by Synovate for word-of-mouth ad network PostRelease investigated just how likely Internet users are to talk about Brands and […]

How To Create An Economic Advantage Using Social Media Marketing

As we discuss in Digital Forensics, listening to your customers and observing your competitors can give you a big edge when it comes to business marketing using social media and the distributed web. Done right, your will get to the point where you are learning a ton about how you can improve your product, delivery […]