Surefire Social Podcast: What Does Online Relevancy Mean to You & Google?

How to stay relevant online

“The best part was to hear Surefire Social being used in the same breath as Google as a Partner. That was really validating.” – Beth Overman, Customer Success Manager at Surefire Social In case you hadn’t heard, Surefire Social was named as an exclusive SMB Channel Partner of Google and this webinar was the kickoff […]

Are You Afraid of Negative Reviews?

Managing Your Online Reputation with SurePulse

Did you know that local business reviews are read by 85% of customers? That means your potential customers are searching online for reviews about your business, which can make or break you. It is crucial to be aware of what your customers are saying about you. Don’t be afraid of negative reviews It goes without […]

Introducing New GeoJuice Features for All Clients

Introducing New GeoJuice Features for All Clients

Surefire Social is constantly seeking out ways to improve and enhance the products we offer to our clients. One of our favorite products for our clients is GeoJuice! GeoJuice creates instant, engaging content and check-ins that get published with your location. It allows contractors to showcase their past projects and happy customers on their website […]

Lessons For Small Business from Alphabet’s Google Announcement

G is for Google

Today the founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin announced a restructuring of Google. The holding company is  Alphabet  and Google becomes one of the companies owned by Alphabet. Google  started as a search engine and is now in a lot of different businesses – as Larry mentions in his blog post –  Life Sciences (that works […]

Featured: How Google is Transforming Local Business

How Google is Transforming Local Business

Question 1: Do you know what a BLE beacon is? Question 2: Do you know why BLE beacons are important to local businesses? These are the two main questions our CEO & Founder, Chris Marentis delves into in his article featured on Search Engine Land – How Google Beacons Could Transform Local Business. Chris believes that […]

[Video] Your Digital Marketing Measured

[Video] Your Online Presence is More Than Just a Website

If you don’t have time to watch the video, simply view the presentation! Your Online Presence Is More Than Just Your Website: Is Your Marketing Working For You? from Chris Marentis This past Thursday, July 30th Beth Overman, a Customer Success Manager here at Surefire Social, led a discussion in which she gave the case […]

The Fallacy of Digital Marketing Specialization

One vs Many: The debate for your digital marketing

The other day I read a familiar, age-old argument regarding specialization. A one man SEO vendor made his case for why you should never hire a full-service digital marketing company. Instead, he suggested that you should hire a separate firm, the “best in its field,” for each discipline. That goes for Web Design, SEO, Content […]

How Consumers Interact Online: 7 Insights from Google

consumer-barometer-graph-ThinkWithGoogle 4

If you like data you will love the research that you can do online about customer interactions and learn more about your audience. As Surefire Social is in a Select group of Google SMB Channel Partners we can provide insights such as this to our customers and readers. If you’re fascinated with data you will like […]

Join Our #SmallBizWin TweetChat During Our Webinar Thursday July 30th

Join our #SmallBizWin Twitterchat

Imagine a business networking event – but without a dress code and with a keyboard instead of a bar, where the same social customs apply – courtesy and respect – and is a great way to meet new people within the home improvement industry. This event is known as a TweetChat, and we’ll be hosting […]

Join Us on July 30th to Take Control of Your Online Presence

Your Online Presence is More Than Just a Website

Webinar: Your Online Presence is More Than Just Your Website: Is Your Marketing Working For You? Date: Thursday, July 30th Time: 4:00 PM EST   You can visit our blog for more information on this upcoming webinar discussing what an active, successful online presence looks like and what your business needs to thrive online, such […]

Amazon from Black Friday to Prime Day – How to Disrupt with an Empty Hand

Prime Day Disruption

Early in the last century, a man named Master Ginchin Funakoshi, known for both his calligraphy skill and a specific style of master arts, also became responsible for changing the way the term “karate” was written to refer to the art of the empty hand. Karate would literally mean “empty hand” from then on. How […]

[Webinar] Your Online Presence is More Than Just Your Website


Webinar Date: Thursday, July 30th Webinar Time: 4:00 PM EST Are you a fan of puzzles? What about a puzzle that constantly changes? And, every time you go to piece it together, you find that the pieces you once had no longer fit. That’s essentially what digital marketing is. Your online presence is like a […]

How Contractors Should Create Their Next Video: Video Marketing 101

How Contractors Should Create Their Next Video: Video Marketing 101

Stop me if you’ve heard either of these phrases before: “Seeing is believing,” and “A picture is worth a thousand words.” I think it’s an unwritten rule that every Christmas movie has to have the line seeing is believing. When it comes to using video as part of your digital marketing strategy to promote your […]

Location, Hours, and Phone Number Are Crucial to Your Website

3 Essentials for a Small Business Website

I recently came across this Washington Post Food section, where Becky Krystal asked the question, “Why do most diners visit restaurant websites?” The answers she got were along the lines of, “Because we are looking for information — not animation, music or even sexy food photography, so don’t make it hard to find such details.” I […]