Changes in Facebook Brand-User Engagement: Does a Smaller Facebook Fan Base Maximize Returns?

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A cornerstone of Facebook marketing is engaging users in their news feeds. However, recent research suggests that gaining visibility on Facebook is now more difficult than ever. Facebook users have essentially been inundated with mass amounts of content from expansive lists of advertisers, and some speculate that Facebook users are more likely to view content […]

How Premarketing Can Improve Your Sales Conversions

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At a fundamental level, the job of small business owners is to solve their customers’ problems, whether they need to have a cavity filled, repair a leaky roof, or find legal council. In some cases, you may have the solutions to your customers’ problems before they themselves even know they have a problem. This proactive […]

Yelp Cracks Down on Fake Reviews


As more consumers turn to Yelp to help make purchasing decisions, your small business’s reputation on this is more critical than ever before. If you’ve ever visited Yelp, you might have noticed that while some reviews are obviously legitimate and helpful, others are simply fake. What’s the Problem? Some businesses out there aren’t playing by […]

How Small Businesses Score Big Returns with Super Bowl Marketing

Many small and large businesses alike step-up their advertising effort for the Super Bowl, and for good reason. This single event captivates millions of consumers, many of who talk about Super Bowl ads with the same fervor they express when talking about the game. But like all marketing campaigns, the impact spans across plaforms- it’s […]

The Top 3 Content Marketing Trends that will Lead 2014

  Experts predict that 2014 will be a year of transition and change for the content marketing industry. Forbes states that almost 60% of businesses are already using this method of advertising and it’s set to grow even more as entrepreneurs become more confident in its effectiveness. To get on top of the content demands […]