Join Our #SmallBizWin TweetChat During Our Webinar Thursday July 30th

Join our #SmallBizWin Twitterchat

Imagine a business networking event – but without a dress code and with a keyboard instead of a bar, where the same social customs apply – courtesy and respect – and is a great way to meet new people within the home improvement industry. This event is known as a TweetChat, and we’ll be hosting […]

Join Us on July 30th to Take Control of Your Online Presence

Your Online Presence is More Than Just a Website

Webinar: Your Online Presence is More Than Just Your Website: Is Your Marketing Working For You? Date: Thursday, July 30th Time: 4:00 PM EST   You can visit our blog for more information on this upcoming webinar discussing what an active, successful online presence looks like and what your business needs to thrive online, such […]

Amazon from Black Friday to Prime Day – How to Disrupt with an Empty Hand

Prime Day Disruption

Early in the last century, a man named Master Ginchin Funakoshi, known for both his calligraphy skill and a specific style of master arts, also became responsible for changing the way the term “karate” was written to refer to the art of the empty hand. Karate would literally mean “empty hand” from then on. How […]

[Webinar] Your Online Presence is More Than Just Your Website


Webinar Date: Thursday, July 30th Webinar Time: 4:00 PM EST Are you a fan of puzzles? What about a puzzle that constantly changes? And, every time you go to piece it together, you find that the pieces you once had no longer fit. That’s essentially what digital marketing is. Your online presence is like a […]

How Contractors Should Create Their Next Video: Video Marketing 101

How Contractors Should Create Their Next Video: Video Marketing 101

Stop me if you’ve heard either of these phrases before: “Seeing is believing,” and “A picture is worth a thousand words.” I think it’s an unwritten rule that every Christmas movie has to have the line seeing is believing. When it comes to using video as part of your digital marketing strategy to promote your […]

Location, Hours, and Phone Number Are Crucial to Your Website

3 Essentials for a Small Business Website

I recently came across this Washington Post Food section, where Becky Krystal asked the question, “Why do most diners visit restaurant websites?” The answers she got were along the lines of, “Because we are looking for information — not animation, music or even sexy food photography, so don’t make it hard to find such details.” I […]

[Video] How to Dominate Your Service Areas on the Web

Best Practices for Appearing in Online Searches for Your Service Areas

    Video We hosted a webinar on June 25th where we shared insights and best practices on ways home service contractors can dominate their service areas on the web. We go through start to finish of how someone finds you online and offer tips along the way to maximize your exposure, ultimately translating into more leads […]

How to Wow Your Customers & Become the Go-To Contractor

How to Wow Your Customers & Become the Go-To Contractor

  As a home service contractor, you have to make the customer experience the best it can possibly be. There is nothing more important than your reputation in today’s highly competitive landscape, and nothing more damaging than an unhappy customer left unchecked…but you already knew that didn’t you. Those businesses that get ahead and win are […]

Tailor Your PPC Campaigns Around Seasonality & Weather

How to Tailor Your PPC Campaign Around Seasonality & Weather

  Homeowners have been spending more and more money on renovating, repairing, and upgrading their homes now that the harsh winter we had is safely behind us. While I personally cannot stand the cold, a harsh winter usually spells great news for home service contractors come this time of year. With flowers blooming and the […]

How Blogging Can Get Your Small Business More Customers

How Blogging Can Get Your Small Business More Customers

  We live in a society where people crave information. We’re constantly searching for it, always trying to learn something new to help us make better decisions. If your customers are already online searching for ways to remodel their kitchen or looking to add an addition onto their home, blogging is a great digital marketing […]

Pinterest Announces Release of New “Buy” Buttons

Coming Soon to Pinterest: Buyable Pins

  Pinterest has been getting a lot of attention lately, with its recent addition to Buffer, and now comes a far bigger announcement from the powerful visual social network. In the next few weeks, Pinterest will be introducing buyable Pins to the iPhone and iPad, with Android coming down the road. This new feature will […]

Digital Forensics: How to Beat Your Competitors at Their Own Game

Start Your Investigation with Digital Forensics

Do you know how to play the game? The game of winning over the hearts of online searchers so they choose your business over your hated rival? There are 6 easy steps you can take today that will put you on a path to success. And, the best part about it is that you don’t […]

The Role of Accountability in Contractor Remodeling Revenue Generation

Contractor Remodeling Revenue Growth

After 35 years as a sales person, a CEO, and a Business Coach, I’ve learned a few business truths and one of them is to hold someone accountable for the make-it/break-it tasks of a business. Fred owns and runs an exterior remodeling business. He is the ultimate person responsible for generating revenue and he’s fallen […]

Are You A Roofer That Uses Google Earth?

You Can Use Google Earth for Your Business

  More and more small businesses, particularly roofing contractors are using aerial mapping services to find potential customers. The most popular of these tools is Google Earth, which businesses of all kinds have been using for nearly a decade now. Read how Jay Saber of Saber Roofing Inc. was able to make it work for his business: Instead of nine […]