How to Get the Most from Links

With all of the website analytics tools available to small businesses, it’s easy to focus too much on where links are going. After all, building website authority is important. But sometimes small business owners also need to stop and take a look at the basic formatting of their website text and hyperlinks. Get Back to […]

Don’t Underestimate the SEO Power of Images…

How Images enhance your search ranking Pictures are an important marketing tool for websites, directories and social networks. We know that when you combine great pictures with content, click through rates, sharing and engagement increases dramatically. Moreover, with mobile cameras everywhere, people are taking and viewing more photos than any other time before. As such, […]

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Mortgage Brokers May Want to Rethink Their SEO Strategies

We local marketing experts spend a lot of time evaluating which SEO tactics are working for mortgage brokers and which aren’t. It’s always good to be able to adjust your strategy as SEO guidelines change, and to pay special attention when Google makes changes to its search algorithm. You could be sabotaging your marketing efforts […]