The Do’s & Don’ts to Increasing Your Digital Footprint

How to grow your online presence the right way

A simple way to get more customers is to boost your online visibility. This opens up the door for your business to reach customers you wouldn’t have otherwise been able to reach. And, those who choose not to promote themselves online are missing out on a proven way to gain new customers. However, just because […]

[Webinar] Your Online Presence is More Than Just Your Website


Webinar Date: Thursday, July 30th Webinar Time: 4:00 PM EST Are you a fan of puzzles? What about a puzzle that constantly changes? And, every time you go to piece it together, you find that the pieces you once had no longer fit. That’s essentially what digital marketing is. Your online presence is like a […]

[Video] How to Dominate Your Service Areas on the Web

Best Practices for Appearing in Online Searches for Your Service Areas

    Video We hosted a webinar on June 25th where we shared insights and best practices on ways home service contractors can dominate their service areas on the web. We go through start to finish of how someone finds you online and offer tips along the way to maximize your exposure, ultimately translating into more leads […]

Digital Forensics: How to Beat Your Competitors at Their Own Game

Start Your Investigation with Digital Forensics

Do you know how to play the game? The game of winning over the hearts of online searchers so they choose your business over your hated rival? There are 6 easy steps you can take today that will put you on a path to success. And, the best part about it is that you don’t […]

Is Your Digital Marketing Program Running On All Cylinders?

Digital Marketing

A digital marketing engine runs on multiple cylinders which all need to be synchronized in order to work to your benefit…among them are: Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Content Marketing Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Social Media Directory Publishing Email Review/Reputation Management It’s essentially like an 8 cylinder marketing engine. Would you want a car that has an […]

4 Ways Franchises Can Win at Local SEO

Local SEO Strategy

  When it comes to driving web and foot traffic, mastering local SEO is critical for franchises. Thanks to the number of search options, like GPS, mobile apps, and Google listings, it’s now easier than ever for your customers to find you—but the downside is there’s also more competition for search space. You can be […]

5 Fundamentals of Small Business Marketing

Core Marketing Principles for Small Business

Small businesses oftentimes find themselves overwhelmed by the number of marketing opportunities available to them and which ones are truly worth their time. In the realm of digital marketing, there is email marketing, local social media marketing, blogging, pay-per-click advertising, and much more. No wonder some marketers get lost and others give up entirely. That’s why […]

Microsoft and Yahoo Worked Closely Together to Establish a Revised Search Agreement

Microsoft and Yahoo Amend Search Agreement

Online search and software companies Microsoft and Yahoo announced that the companies amended their search partnership to improve the overall search experience, create value for advertisers and establish ongoing stability for partners. Did you know that your search on Yahoo is powered by Bing – Microsoft’s search engine? As a small business you should consider […]

How Improving SEO Will Get Home Remodelers Better Leads

Improve SEO to Get Better Leads

For small and mid-sized businesses, there are hundreds of ways to spend your marketing budget. You could hire a public relations firm, buy commercial space, or even invest heavily in social media ads. But don’t forget about search engine optimization (SEO), which is completely free! Google handles 3.3 billion search queries every day, and if […]

SEO Tips for Your 2015 Marketing Strategy

SEO Strategy Tips

Toward the end of the year, business owners like yourself are getting ready for the new year, and if you’re like most companies, you’re aiming for more web traffic and more customers. The good news for online marketers is that the rules haven’t changed all that much. Since the beginning, major search engines likes Google […]

Key Local SEO Ranking Factors For Your Business

Businessman With Seo Concept

As small business owners, it can be difficult to keep up with all of the changes in the ways major search engines rank websites. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the top local SEO ranking factors, based on Moz’s yearly study, and explained what businesses can do to make the most of recent changes. […]

What Google’s Penguin Update Means for Local Marketers

Google Corporate Headquarters And Logo

By now, everyone has heard that last week, Google confirmed the release of the first Penguin update in more than a year. The main reason for this update, according to Google, was to punish ‘spammy’ websites that violated the company’s guidelines for linking. Companies that follow the rules of the road, so to speak, are […]

How Email Can Drive SEO Results


Email marketing has been around for a while now and is believed to be helpful to local internet marketers trying to boost their search engine rankings. Although the direct correlation between email and SEO still eludes us, it’s safe to say that sharing your original content with more online consumers will always pay off for […]

Don’t Underestimate the SEO Power of Images…

How Images enhance your search ranking Pictures are an important marketing tool for websites, directories and social networks. We know that when you combine great pictures with content, click through rates, sharing and engagement increases dramatically. Moreover, with mobile cameras everywhere, people are taking and viewing more photos than any other time before. As such, […]