Turn Website Visitors into Customers by Optimizing Your Page Content

As you are probably already aware, websites have become the front door to businesses. Consumers have come to rely on the Internet for their product and service research. So, it goes without saying that the more attractive your site is to consumers, the more site traffic you will have. However, to take advantage of the […]

Mortgage Brokers May Want to Rethink Their SEO Strategies

We local marketing experts spend a lot of time evaluating which SEO tactics are working for mortgage brokers and which aren’t. It’s always good to be able to adjust your strategy as SEO guidelines change, and to pay special attention when Google makes changes to its search algorithm. You could be sabotaging your marketing efforts […]

What You Can Learn from the Moz SEO Study

Just when you think you have your company’s website figured out, best practices for SEO change. That’s why working in the local internet marketing industry is so challenging–and so rewarding. Moz recently completed a study that will help local marketing experts improve their company’s search rankings. The research had two parts: it took a survey […]

The Future of Web Search: Fewer Keywords, More Conversation

For some time now, marketers have had to focus on those all-important keywords to bring them web traffic. But since the rollout of Google’s new voice search, it’s clear that the standards for local internet marketing are changing. Keeping up with all of the SEO trends can be nearly impossible for most busy business owners. […]

Introducing SMB Visible: Your All in One SEO, Social Media, and Content Creation Program

When it comes to local internet marketing, the only thing you can count on is that it will change. Google and other search engines are changing the way that they assign page ranks to businesses. If you’ve noticed that business is slowing down for your company, Google’s new methods of ranking websites could explain the […]