11 Clever Ways for Marketers to Reconvert Their Leads | Hubspot

  blog.hubspot.com  6/27/12 From HubSpot’s Inbound Internet Marketing Blog by Pamela Vaughan. You have two choices: let Johnny read your ebook and then go about his life (which may or may not involve a visit back to your website), or try to reconvert him. The choice is yours, but we recommend the latter, considering that […]

Linkedin Marketing Tips

LinkedIn Tips- How To Use LinkedIn Answers | Friendly Advice On … LinkedIn Answers are a great way to show your expertise on LinkedIn. … Friendly Advice On Internet Marketing. Aidan Gibson – From Techno-Phobic To … Tips On How To Write A Blog Post To Benefit Y… WordPress … Publish Date: 09/15/2011 6:49 http://aidangibson.com/linkedin-tips-how-to-use-linkedin-answers/

Increasing Sales Conversions

Just because a prospect says no to your offer/opportunity today, does that mean they’ll have the same response when the offer is presented in a different manner at a later point…or even the same fashion at a future point in time? The short answer is “no”, but let’s dig in a bit deeper. Increase Your […]