Social Media Is Only Part Of The Story

Let’s not get confused about what the new marketing ecosystem is all about. Social media is a big part of the story but not the only part. If fact, I fear a huge backlash coming from overuse and over simplification of this “new marketing normal” that some are defining as just social media. What really […]

Business Marketing In The Coming Decade: Frustration Or Opportunity

In between skiing the moguls last week I was thinking a lot about what this next decade will look like for business marketers. We wrote the “Disrupted” book to give you a road map of what to expect with the profound changes taking place right now because of technology and new applications. This is all […]

Social Marketing Campaigns: 3 Secrets To Success With The Social Web

Social marketing campaigns are all the rage these days. Why? Generating cost effective, qualified business leads is tough in this economy and with media changing so rapidly. Whether your business is service-oriented (such as accounting, legal, architecture, business coaching, executive recruiter) or a retail store (specialty coffee, health food store, wine store), you have a […]

Wisdom From 70 Top Thinkers For 2010

Seth Godin has done it again! He released a free ebook with great advice and mentoring from 70 top thinkers. It’s about the world economy, politics, business and technology…and it’s inspiring, informative and reassuring for those of us focused on adapting to the “Disruption” that is the “new normal”. We live in fast changing times, […]

Don’t Fake It…Is Your Brand Authentic?

Have you ever tried to find a restaurant that your family can stop in quickly while you are on the road in an unfamiliar place.  You start looking for places along the side of the road, and make split second decisions about where you will eat…what brand you will buy! Last weekend while on the […]