Simplify Tasks with the New Google+ Dashboard


Businesses that tap into the wealth of Google tools—which now include Google+, Google AdWords, Google Offers, Google Maps, etc.—are sometimes overwhelmed by all of the data that’s made available. Each Google tool comes with its own set of data and management system, all of which take time to review, manage, and analyze on a regular […]

How to Apply LinkedIn Paid Media to Your Business


Although Facebook and Twitter receive a significant amount of media attention, local marketing experts agree that LinkedIn can be just as powerful for businesses that want to advertise online. Because LinkedIn has maintained a reputation for professionalism, users are often more receptive to the messages they receive on the social media platform. With 150 million […]

Connecting the Dots Between In-Person and Online Lead Generation

Businesswomen and Businessman Team on white

Most business owners today spend a large percentage of their time in front of a computer, especially when it comes to marketing. Although social media and emails are powerful networking tools, it’s also equally, if not more important to connect face to face with colleagues and customers offline. Following are 3 powerful tips exploring key […]