How to Apply LinkedIn Paid Media to Your Business


Although Facebook and Twitter receive a significant amount of media attention, local marketing experts agree that LinkedIn can be just as powerful for businesses that want to advertise online. Because LinkedIn has maintained a reputation for professionalism, users are often more receptive to the messages they receive on the social media platform. With 150 million […]

How Lawyers Can Use LinkedIn Effectively

  For lawyers in particular, LinkedIn can be a powerful networking tool. The success of your law firm depends on your ability to make personal connections with people, and ultimately, to get them to trust you. According to Mashable, LinkedIn is a great way to make those connections, as long as you’re using it the […]

Announcement: Introducing a Simpler Homepage | LinkedIn

blog.linkedin.com7/16/12 LinkedIn has confirmed new changes and says that it will be rolling them out to all its 160 million-plus users in the next couple of weeks. LinkedIn stated that they have started to roll out a simpler and easier way to navigate Homepage experience that offers quick access to the relevant information and updates […]