How Consumers Interact Online: 7 Insights from Google

consumer-barometer-graph-ThinkWithGoogle 4

If you like data you will love the research that you can do online about customer interactions and learn more about your audience. As Surefire Social is in a Select group of Google SMB Channel Partners we can provide insights such as this to our customers and readers. If you’re fascinated with data you will like […]

Why I’m not Investing in My Digital Presence – Remodeler’s Excuse #81

Why I’m not Investing in My Digital Presence – Remodeler’s Excuse #81

  Is your go-to response when asked why you don’t invest more in your digital footprint, “I’m already using Angie’s List” or how about “I’m already using Home Advisor.” Well, if you can’t handle more jobs in the pipeline then that’s a valid excuse. But if you want more revenue and if you want to […]

[VIDEO] Introducing SurePulse™: The Local Marketing Cloud Webinar

[VIDEO] Introducing SurePulse™: The Local Marketing Cloud Webinar

    Video On July 7th, Surefire Social Coach Bob Sheehan, ran through a live webinar where he showed our current clients the new local marketing platform that they will all be receiving: SurePulse™. SurePulse™ was released on July 7th to provide businesses easy access to their content publishing, online marketing, directory listings and marketing […]

Does Your Home Improvement Business Suffer From Bubbles In The Pipeline

Does Your Business Suffer From Bubbles In The Pipeline

I’ve been involved in professional selling for over 35 years. As a student of sales, I’ve been through more classes than I care to count…Xerox Professional Selling Skills, SPIN Selling, Miller Hieman, Solution Selling just to name a few. I’ve even coached Solution Selling classes. I’ve been a sales guy, a sales manager, a sales […]

The Role of Accountability in Contractor Remodeling Revenue Generation

Contractor Remodeling Revenue Growth

After 35 years as a sales person, a CEO, and a Business Coach, I’ve learned a few business truths and one of them is to hold someone accountable for the make-it/break-it tasks of a business. Fred owns and runs an exterior remodeling business. He is the ultimate person responsible for generating revenue and he’s fallen […]

Are You A Roofer That Uses Google Earth?

You Can Use Google Earth for Your Business

  More and more small businesses, particularly roofing contractors are using aerial mapping services to find potential customers. The most popular of these tools is Google Earth, which businesses of all kinds have been using for nearly a decade now. Read how Jay Saber of Saber Roofing Inc. was able to make it work for his business: Instead of nine […]

Winning In Digital Marketing Takes More Than Just SEO

Digital Marketing Planning

  Stop me if you’ve heard this before…digital marketing is more than just SEO; more than just social media; more than just a website; more than just blogging; more than just directory listings and so on. The simple truth is digital marketing can be any of those things and all of those things. And at […]

Grow Your Business with our Surefire Giveaway!

12 Themes for Business Growth

Are you a small business looking to re-prioritize and strategize new innovative ways to create a strong foundation for your business? Well you’re in luck! We’re having a giveaway for small businesses specifically in the home services field. The winner will be chosen at random and be given a free copy of industry guru Mark […]

Mr. Cranky Talks Home Services and Advertising

Mr Cranky's Thoughts

So I’m watching the morning news and an HVAC advertisement comes on the TV and I start thinking to myself, “Hmm, what are these guys thinking?” Does the guy who paid for this commercial think that I was lying in my bed, thinking about my failing air conditioner and I said to myself… “Hey Mr. […]

Is Your Website Like a Leaky Roof?

How to Improve Your Website

Is the Homeowner’s Association knocking on your door because you have that house on the street that refuses to upgrade your roof even though it’s leaking? Just as long as that leak is contained and can be caught in a bucket right? But is that anyway to live? A website can be thought of in […]

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Website


So you’ve had a website for a while now but haven’t exactly generated the conversions you were hoping. Improving the look, design, and efficiency of your website can, arguably, derive from mild cases of narcissism, but that’s not the point here. A website is your digital selling platform — it’s your automated lead generator (assuming […]

If You Had to Hire a Small Business Marketing Expert Who Would You Recommend?


I recently got this message from a good friend on LinkedIn. I had spent over a decade at Network Solutions, working on online marketing tools geared towards small business marketing and pioneering social media marketing for Network Solutions and The Network Solutions strategy and examples were written about in over 17 books by top […]

The Case for Why Commercial Roofers Need a Website

Importance of Websites in Business

Because commercial roofers often rely heavily on word-of-mouth marketing to attract new clients, it can be tempting to operate without a website. However, there are a number of powerful reasons why building a website for your business will be nothing but a positive. Build Credibility First, it’s impossible to ignore the ubiquity of the Internet. […]

How Marketing Automation Can Help Your Remodeling Business Be Everywhere

Automation Key Marketing Practices Will Help Your Business Be Everywhere

When it comes to local internet marketing, time is one of your most valuable commodities. You’re expected to be everywhere at all times. Without marketing automation tools, however, being everywhere is impossible, and many marketers find themselves stretched too thin. That’s where marketing automation saves the day—and your marketing plan. Not only does marketing automation […]

Location-Based Tools That Can Help With Lead Generation

Lead Generation Tools

As marketers continue to invest in lead generation, one area remains a consistent problem: local social media marketing. Although social media delivers a significant number of potential leads to businesses, it’s sometimes difficult for marketers to target consumers in a particular geographic area. Businesses that fail to capitalize on the lead generation capabilities are missing […]