Improving User Experience: Where to Start


When it comes to company websites, small business owners often find it difficult to prioritize their maintenance and optimization efforts. Keeping a business website up to speed with the changing web can feel like a full time job. While they understand that search engine optimization is important, they also recognize that the user experience is […]

Why Your Small Business Needs a Mobile-Friendly Website

  If you’re a small business owner, mobile search is difficult to ignore. In fact, your customers are using their mobile phones for 25% of their searches. Most likely, it’s also where they turn for directions to your business and your hours of operation. That’s why most businesses, even small ones, need a mobile-friendly website. […]

Google Brings User Info to Advertisements

  Google is making user reviews, recommendations, and endorsements more powerful by adding users’ profile pictures. When people recommend a dentist on Google, their name and profile picture will appear in the ad, as long as they’re at least 18 years old. Although this feature may be helpful for dentists and medical professionals, your patients […]

How to Make Google Like Your Small Business Website

Although many consumers have come to depend on the power of Google to search the web for almost everything, business owners sometimes find it frustrating. Every company wants to find itself at the top of search results, but achieving that goal often proves difficult, especially when experts’ advice sometimes seems contradictory. For advice that’s based […]

New Google Reports Compare Paid and Organic Search Results

For small businesses that run ads on Google AdWords, it can be difficult to determine how well your ads are doing. Chances are, you’re also using traditional SEO tactics to improve your organic search. Both SEO and paid advertising are critical to improving your company’s page rank; in fact, paid advertising often plays a vital […]