Facebook Announces Big Change – Coming June 1st 2015

Facebook Login Update

If you’re a business owner managing a Facebook page through one shared login, you may receive a notification from Facebook asking to upgrade from a shared login.   Surefire will take care of the necessary steps or proactively take action on their social media marketing customers behalf.   If you are a business owner, here […]

Facebook Announces More Help for Small Businesses

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Yesterday, Facebook announced more help for small businesses. Earlier this year, Facebook launched Ads Manager app and built creative and educational resources for small business marketers. Now, Facebook is hosting a series of events called “Boost Your Business” and implementing live chat for advertisers. Also in the announcement, the social media giant stated it has 40 million SMBs with […]

Which Is Better: YouTube Links or Facebook Video?

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Thanks to competition among the major social media networks, there’s now enticement for companies like Facebook to release improved site features. In an effort to keep up with YouTube, one of its most formidable rivals in the realm of video, Facebook has made it much easier for businesses and individual users to upload videos on […]

Facebook v. Ello: Is There Even a Competition?

Belgrade - September 09, 2014 Social Media Website Facebook Logo

In response to criticism over Facebook’s profile name policy, the social media network has announced plans to introduce an app that would enable users to register anonymously. Although it’s not strictly regulated, Facebook encourages its users to register their accounts with their real names. That way, Facebook is more likely to find and block users […]

How Facebook Determines What Appears in Your News Feed

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Facebook’s user base is ever growing, and people are seeing more daily content in their news feeds than ever before. Because there are so many people and businesses competing for visibility on Facebook news feeds, your business page content may only be reaching a small percentage of all your followers. In fact, it’s likely that […]