Can Facebook Go Beyond Earned Media Success? | eMarketer

www.emarketer.com6/19/2012 Having a presence on Facebook has proven successful for marketers in several ways, and recent studies have shown the popularity and success of earned media on the site. However, a June 2012 study from Reuters and Ipsos found that only 20% of US Facebook users said they had bought products because of ads or […]

CTRs on Facebook ads increase 50% in the past 12 months | Econsultancy

econsultancy.com5/9/2012 Click-through rates on Facebook ads have increased 50% over the past 12 months, according to data from Marin Software. It also found that the cost-per-click of social ads increased by 26%, while the CPC of marketplace ads decreased by 26%. Marin said the improvement in CTRs is thanks to Facebook’s new social ads, such […]

4 Ways to Drive Engagement With Facebook Ads | Mashable

mashable.com5/2/12 In the run up to Facebook’s fast-approaching IPO, the company is making extensive and ongoing improvements to its advertising platform. The most recent updates, which are not yet live, will allow marketers to optimize their ads for any Facebook action (not just likes). …read more

Effective Facebook Advertising Methods

With insider knowledge and targeting well Facebook can bring profitable results. Creating the ideal converting ad on any platform can be tricky. I know it! Having tried Linkedin, Google, and Facebook advertising platforms I found it tricky to find the right fit. In creating online ads, it’s up to you to make them appeal to […]