The True Value of Email Marketing – 4 Expert Tips to Improve Your Messages

Marketers today have social media marketing on the mind as a result of the immense popularity of sites like Facebook and Twitter. Through these sites, many companies have benefited from increased customer engagement and brand awareness. However, For leads and conversions, email marketing > social media Studies show that as far as direct sales are […]

New Gmail Tabs- Make Sure Your Message Gets Through

For most local marketing experts, email marketing is an important piece of the overall marketing strategy, and a significant chunk of our target audience uses Gmail. However, Google’s recent changes to Gmail have been frustrating and confusing to some Gmail users and marketers. On the other hand, some Gmail users like the new look and […]

5 Email Marketing Applications for Local Businesses on a Budget

At one point in time, in the not so recent past, one might have argued that email and email marketing would become obsolete… But that was before the major burst of Smartphone users. Nowadays, studies show that more people check their email on a regular basis because they show up in their inbox that’s literally […]

Email Marketing List Building Tips for Local Business

Email Marketing is still one of the most popular local business online marketing strategies used today. It’s cost-effective, relatively easy to implement and use, and provides instantaneous contact and impact. At the same time, you won’t have an email marketing campaign without and email marketing list. To help our clients, we emphasize the need for […]