[Webinar] Your Online Presence is More Than Just Your Website


Webinar Date: Thursday, July 30th Webinar Time: 4:00 PM EST Are you a fan of puzzles? What about a puzzle that constantly changes? And, every time you go to piece it together, you find that the pieces you once had no longer fit. That’s essentially what digital marketing is. Your online presence is like a […]

[VIDEO] Introducing SurePulse™: The Local Marketing Cloud Webinar

[VIDEO] Introducing SurePulse™: The Local Marketing Cloud Webinar

    Video On July 7th, Surefire Social Coach Bob Sheehan, ran through a live webinar where he showed our current clients the new local marketing platform that they will all be receiving: SurePulse™. SurePulse™ was released on July 7th to provide businesses easy access to their content publishing, online marketing, directory listings and marketing […]

Publish, Monitor, and Measure with SurePulse™


SurePulse™ is Surefire Social’s new local marketing cloud platform that helps you publish, monitor, and measure all areas of your business. Watch this amazing explainer video to learn more! Get a demo?

Professional Remodeler Leadership Tour 2015 – Boston


Surefire Social will be attending the Professional Remodeler event in Boston tomorrow showcasing their digital marketing blueprint for home remodelers and contractors, showing how it’s proven to generate more leads for small, local businesses. They will be giving demonstrations on their Visibility Listing Scanner, which is a tool that will scan all of your business’s online directories […]