Internet Marketing: The New Wave of Small Business Marketing in the Distributed Web

Attention Small Businesses: It is time to throw your traditional marketing tactics out the window and invest your money in something that actually works. Transform your business by building an online web presence that will drive prospective customers to you.

The Difference Between Building Authority And Talking About Yourself

I recently read a great report called Authority Rules by Brian Clark, the founder of Copyblogger. It’s a well written easy to read piece that outlines 10 rules to building authority for your business and persona. Building authority in the new distributed web is critical to the success of your Internet marketing efforts. Let’s look […]

The Social Media Dilemma for Business

Unless you live under a rock you have at least some knowledge of “social media.” As a business person you know that you should probably “do something” with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs and all the other new ways to reach out and touch someone electronically. Everybody says it’s easy to get started. That’s true, if […]

Social Media Training and Analysis: Social Marketing Success in Only Two Easy Steps

Proper business marketing requires having a system for your content development and proper keyword use. Read below for some valuable tips. Content Development If you want a successful small business, you will need to have a set of certain marketing strategies in place. The first part of your marketing plan should focus on content development. […]

Internet Marketing For Small Business: Don’t Be Left Behind With Your Traditional Marketing Strategy

Attention Small Businesses: The old way of doing marketing doesn’t work anymore. Still relying on ‘advertising’? You’re sunk – unless you learn the new way of reaching your market. Imagine a 28 year old starts a business competing in your market. You spent years building a brand and reputation in your community. One day, you realize […]