The Difference Between Building Authority And Talking About Yourself

I recently read a great report called Authority Rules by Brian Clark, the founder of Copyblogger. It’s a well written easy to read piece that outlines 10 rules to building authority for your business and persona. Building authority in the new distributed web is critical to the success of your Internet marketing efforts. Let’s look […]

Is Your Content Organized For Social Media Marketing?

Over the next year you are determined to get your business focused on social media marketing. That’s great. Now let’s spend a few weeks getting our content organized so we make it easy to become a content publishing machine. At this point you should have done your research so you know the keywords and phrases […]

Creating Content That Breaks-Through: Three Questions For Killer Content

Content is king in the distributed web. We use it to attract our ideal customer and get them to “convert” to a lead or sale. We call this new paradigm “content marketing”. The content we create becomes “link bait” to attract target customers. We promote that link bait across the distributed web in forums, blogs, […]

Hot Topic: Find Content Ideas That Attract Your Best Customers

Creating new content on a consistent basis is one of the biggest challenges for businesses starting to implement social media marketing. Integrating responsibility for researching topics, writing new content, producing videos and publishing the content has to be integrated into your businesses work flow and organization structure. Using social bookmarking sites like Delicious and document […]

Social Media Marketing: The Game Where Everyone Gets To Play Publisher!

The game in social media marketing is to build authority in your market or niche.  Why? To differentiate your business and build a defensible mote that can get you more pricing power, special relationships and winner of the coolest business in your market award! To play this social media marketing game, you will come to […]