Business Marketing Strategies That Are Guaranteed To Work

Here’s a quick idea that some business marketers in highly competitive categories often overlook.  Look carefully at what your top competitors are doing and examine what seems to be working.  How would you know? How long is their campaign running? If it is more than a few months guaranteed they are getting a return on […]

Digital Forensics: Reverse Engineering The Digital Footprint To Win On The New Web

One of the most overlooked opportunities for winning the SEO/social media marketing game today is research.  The great thing about our new digital world is your customers and competitors leave a digital footprint that you can examine to better target your marketing campaign. Think about it.  With a little reverse engineering, you can find out […]

Lesson 5: Yahoo Site Explorer and SEO Book

In video 5, you are about to see a live demonstration of how to evaluate your competitor’s rankings and presence online. Using Yahoo! Site Explorer and SEO Book’s plugin, you can easily locate your industry competitors and find out everything your business needs to know to dominate your market. Hurry and watch this video…the longer you wait, the more catching up you will have to do…