3 Things You MUST DO for Your Local Business Blog (if you want people to actually read it!)

We were recently taking a look at a prospective client’s blog to help them understand why they weren’t generating readers. In this case in particular, they had done a decent job of generating hits on the local business blog, but the issue was getting those hits to remain on the page or return to it […]

3 Ways to Increase Income with Your Local Business Blog

Many business owners have yet to start a blog for their business, and this is unfortunate. Blogging is no longer just a ‘hobby’; it’s become one of the key online marketing strategies for local businesses. Building a blog, and a blog following, provides several benefits, including: A means to building ‘expert’ status and authority. Creation […]

02-11-2010: 10 Strategies to Stop Running Out of Ideas & Keep Your Customers Updated

This Surefire Social Contractor Mastermind is Part 1 of the “10 Strategies to Stop Running Out of Ideas and Keep Your Customers Updated” series. In this presentation, we Introduce Strategies 1 and 2 which outline: the secrets to a perfect blog, where to find content, and how to set up an RSS feed and Google Alerts message