Lesson 5: Syndicating Your Blog Content

You may have already heard of an “RSS” feed, but have no idea what it is. This video will help you set up an RSS feed for your blog, using simple Wordpress plugins, so that your blog followers are able to subscribe to your blog posts, receiving them INSTANTLY over any RSS reader. This video contains information essential to running a successful blog that drives loads of traffic to your site.

Lesson 3: Getting Started With Your Blog

Now that you know how to organize your content, lets start posting. Check out this video to find out the steps to creating your self-hosted Wordpress blog. No need to be nervous, we suggest using Wordpress because of its “user-friendly” platform and extremely easy to navigate – even for the non-technical individual.

Don’t have time to set up your Wordpress blog? Need some help? StudioPress offers a special discount rate for all Surefire Social members. Interested? Watch the video to find out more!

Lesson 2: Introduction To Blogging

Welcome to the wide world of blogging! Now that you know how to develop solid content (from video 1), it is time to create your Web 2.0 blogging site and start writing. Video 2 goes through a broad introduction of blogging and why types of steps you need to take to market your posts and manage your content, easily and effectively.