Discover how you can “spy” on your competitors and outsmart them with your business’s local Internet marketing programs.

Ever wonder why your competition dominates local search results, even though you have a better product and superior service?

It’s time to study your competition’s digital footprint with our Digital Forensics E-book.

250-digitalforensics2013Competitive intelligence is much easier than you may think with these digital tools. It’s frustrating to see your key competitor ranking ahead of your business in search results, especially when you know you are better than them. Through reverse engineering of their “digital footprint”, Surefire Social will help you deconstruct your competition’s local internet marketing services, and use them to your advantage.

Do you want to achieve?

  • Top search engine ranking
  • established expertise in your industry
  • Customer praises
  • Better customer leads
  • Exploding profits

How is this accomplished?

  • Deconstructing your customers
  • Identifying the key players in your business category
  • Understanding your competition’s methods
  • Examining your website’s links
  • Using the right key words
  • Monitoring the competition

All of these methods, and more helpful tips can be found in our free E-book “Digital Forensics”

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