YouTube Makes Big Comment Changes: How Contractors Can Seize the Opportunity

Posted by: Chris Marentis

YouTube Makes Big Comment Changes: How Contractors Can Seize the Opportunity


Although newer social media networks like Pinterest and Instagram receive lots of press attention, local internet marketing campaigns often continue to integrate YouTube, which attracts more than 160 million visitors each month, placing it 2nd only to Facebook.

Whether you currently use it or are considering it, you’ll want to know that Youtube’s recent updates to its commenting capabilities have added more substantive automation and cut out some busy work for everyone. According to Search Engine Watch, YouTube is transforming the way that users interact with videos, making it easier for YouTube users to connect to one another.  Comments will now be visible to people in the commenter’s Google+ circles as well, and people can now start conversations about YouTube videos from Google+.


Thankfully, this change comes with some valuable tools for local social media marketing professionals, too. Your marketing team might spend a lot of time reviewing comments on your business’s YouTube channel before approving them. Now they’ll be able to save time by automatically approving certain users’ comments.

No More Anonymity

Now that anyone who comments on YouTube can be identified by their Google+ profile, users will need to be signed in before they post a comment. For this reason, YouTube commenters will no longer be anonymous, which may prevent people from posting negative comments without reason.

Also, your account manager will be given more tools to block people who consistently post undeserved, hateful, and angry criticism on your business’ YouTube channel. You can even specify trigger words; if anyone uses a trigger word in a post, the person’s comment will automatically be deleted.

What Your Contracting Business Should Do

Now that YouTube is more social, it’s important for your business to take advantage of this opportunity. If you haven’t dipped your foot in the YouTube waters yet, now is the perfect time. The platform can be great for how-to videos and before-and-after project demonstrations.

Enable Comments and Discussions on Your YouTube Channel

Before you seize this opportunity, you need to make sure that people are actually able to comment on your YouTube page. To enable comments for your videos, go to Video Manager, then click on the Edit button for the video you want to edit. Then click on Advanced Settings and change the preferences under Comments. If you want to approve comments before they’re posted for the world to see, you can change those settings, too. Just click Approve under Allow Comments. And of course, don’t forget to click Save.

Once your comments and discussions are enabled, use them to connect with your audience. The purpose of online video is to have conversations with other people. Otherwise, people would only turn to Netflix and RedBox rentals for entertainment.

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