What Your Employees’ LinkedIn Profiles Say About Your Franchise

Posted by: Chris Marentis

What Your Employees’ LinkedIn Profiles Say About Your Franchise


 Local marketing experts have been turning to LinkedIn’s network of professionals for some time. Especially if your primary focus is business-to-business marketing, LinkedIn offers the unique opportunity to reach out to influencers in your franchise’s industry. Even though many franchises have set up their company profiles, some have neglected one of the most impactful pieces of LinkedIn—their employees’ profiles.


Some people may even find an employee’s LinkedIn profile before they find your company page. Therefore, your personal LinkedIn profile should include a description of your franchise and the role that you play in its operation. But keep your descriptions brief. Web users are likely to gloss over long paragraphs, especially on social networks like LinkedIn. If the description of your franchise intrigues them, they’re likely to view your company profile.

Your Employees Make a Difference on LinkedIn

People who end up on your franchise’s LinkedIn page can also see your employees’ profiles—unless your employees have made them private. For this reason, you may want to encourage your employees to provide as much detail about your franchise as possible. When your employees look like an interesting, hard-working group of people that love their jobs, that makes your franchise look great; you may earn the respect of potential customers and inspire high-quality professionals to work with you.

First, make sure that all of your employees with public profiles have set up a link to your company profile, and that there aren’t any former employees who are still linked to your company profile. Then encourage your employees to complete their personal LinkedIn profiles.

Your franchise’s description should be the same across all employees’ profiles- when it’s inconsistent it makes your franchise look bad. With that said, send out a brief company description (if you haven’t already) to all of your employees and tell them to use it on their LinkedIn profiles. If your description is inconsistent, it will make your franchise look bad.

Make It Personal

Just like any other social media network, the more you interact with people on LinkedIn, the better. Keep in mind that LinkedIn is slightly different from other networks such as Twitter. Instead of interacting with companies, people tend to communicate directly with individuals, mostly because personal profiles are available in addition to company profiles. This format enables you connect with professionals in your industry on a more personal level.

LinkedIn’s Groups are something you can’t ignore. These give you the opportunity to engage in discussion with other people in your industry, which helps you to build credibility with people who might later become customers. Local social media marketing is all about getting the name of your company and your franchise exposed to more people and LinkedIn is where you can make that happen.



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