What You Can Learn from the Moz SEO Study

Posted by: Chris Marentis

What You Can Learn from the Moz SEO Study


searchingJust when you think you have your company’s website figured out, best practices for SEO change. That’s why working in the local internet marketing industry is so challenging–and so rewarding.

Moz recently completed a study that will help local marketing experts improve their company’s search rankings. The research had two parts: it took a survey of SEO professionals and conducted a study based on correlated data. Interestingly, the SEO professionals didn’t agree with all of the study’s findings, so it’s worthwhile to pay attention to what they have to say, too.

Here’s what we’ve learned from the research results:

Social Media Is Important, But Not Everything

The study found that companies that were more active on Facebook, Twitter, and especially Google+ were more likely to rank higher in Google. However, it’s important to keep in mind that Google+ mattered more because Google likely crawls its own pages more than it crawls Facebook and Twitter.

Although we agree that social media is important, the study’s results may not be completely accurate. Some SEO professionals who were surveyed placed less importance on social media. It’s difficult to determine whether a strong social media presence improves your search results, or if companies who follow SEO best practices are more inclined to be active on social networking sites. So even though social media is important, it shouldn’t be your primary focus.

Pay Attention to Page Authority and Links

Without a doubt, the top factor in determining page rank is your company’s page authority. In both the study and the SEO survey, it ranked above all other factors. Page authority is Moz’s method of assigning value to a web page based on how likely Google is to move it to the top of its search results page. The definition of page authority is vague because the metrics used to determine it are always changing.

The study confirms that one way to increase your page authority is for other credible domains to link to your website. One surefire way to attract key influencers to link to your website is to create outstanding content. Also, be careful to link to only reputable sites from your website.

Keep Up the Keywords

According to the data findings and the survey of SEO professionals, keywords are still a critical component of effective SEO. Keywords in the page title remain especially important. Even though it might seem like a good idea to add tons of keywords to your web pages, that’s not necessarily good for your SEO, either. Always make sure that your web content is easy and enjoyable to read.



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