What Marketers Can Expect from Bing

Posted by: Chris Marentis

What Marketers Can Expect from Bing


Since it was launched, Bing has been working on strategies to catch up to its most formidable rival, Google. Thanks to some recent innovations, we may see Bing pick up the pace in the coming year.

iStock_000013213919_ExtraSmallLast year, Bing started to gain some traction as the search engine started to bring advertising to 35 new markets around the world. In addition to this new ad revenue, Bing is also seeing overall success, with significant gains in desktop and mobile clicks.

What’s Next for Bing?

Bing is anticipating even more success next year. First, the search engine will take Google’s place on Apple’s iOS 8 mobile operating system, and it will be featured on Mac’s Yosemite operating system.

As always, Bing will be integrated into all of Microsoft’s own products, which now include Nokia phones and Cortana, Microsoft’s new digital assistant. Users will also find Bing search integration on:

  • Yelp
  • Netflix
  • Foursquare
  • Facebook
  • Amazon Fire phones

More Options for Advertisers

For search engines, a large part of their revenue comes from advertising, and that’s why Bing is now providing more options for advertisers. For more information about Bing and other search engines, see our Website Audit Handbook. Businesses that advertise on Bing can now choose from 100,000 keywords, a number that recently increased, and this year Bing has plans to increase that number to 1 million keywords.

Anyone in the local internet marketing industry will also appreciate the improvements in Bing’s reporting. Before the recent update, the data that advertisers received lagged by about four hours. Although that might not seem like a significant lag, it made bid prices less accurate.

Now Bing is fixing the problem so that the lag is no longer than 30 minutes, a major improvement. Also, advertisers will soon have more options for targeting users based on their zip codes and the day and time that they’re active online.

Eye-Catching Interactive Ads

The search engine giant is also working on ways to deliver more interactive ads—complete with images, videos, and links. Bing has already tested these “Hero Ads”, as they’re called, on several large companies. Hero Ads are large banners that appear in search results. With this ad type, the advertiser has the ability to customize search results by designing a banner that fits their brand. While tests on Hero Ads were successful, Bing is looking for ways to bring these banner ads to a broader advertiser base.

For users, however, the branded banner ads may not be so welcome. The banners take up a large portion of the user’s search results page, and they may get in the way of other information they need. It will be up to Bing to tweak these ads to keep both users and advertisers happy.

Keep an Eye on Bing

With these improvements, it’s likely that Bing will continue to inch toward Google’s market share. Thankfully, competition almost always brings out the best in businesses, and advertisers will soon be able to enjoy the fruits of the healthy competition among the major search engines. 

Chris Marentis

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