United States Postal Service Offers Discount on Mailers with QR Codes!

Posted by: Chris Marentis

United States Postal Service Offers Discount on Mailers with QR Codes!



Even though using the Internet is a must for your local business when it comes to visibility, credibility and lead generation, it doesn’t mean that all off-line marketing efforts should be eliminated. For many of our clients, direct mail pieces have a huge impact, and as with any local marketing tactic for your business, if it’s working, then continue to improve it and use it!


With that being said, one tool many local businesses are using as part of their marketing efforts are QR Codes. QR Codes sort of bridge off-line marketing with on-line marketing efforts because in the majority of cases, consumers see the QR Code on a direct mail piece, a poster, a sales flier, etc. They then scan the code into their Smartphone, and the QR Code directs them to a website or landing page with promotions or additional information. For more about how QR Codes work, read Boost Contractor Leads – Mobile Marketing Part II – QR Codes.


The United States Postal Service is offering a discount when QR Codes are used!


The United States Postal Service [USPS] is offering commercial mailers a 2 percent discount this summer as part of a campaign to improve the long-term value of direct mail. During July and August, the USPS will allow mailers to realize discounts on standard mail and first-class mail letters, flats and cards that include a two-dimensional barcode, or an integrated option for print/mobile technology that can be read or scanned. This is a pretty cool deal!


And to help you understand the importance of using QR Codes for your local business, in addition to identifying the right target audience, consider the following stats representing North American users for the last 6 months of 2010, as provided by Audience Development:


  • Which age group scans QR Codes most frequently? Although people across all different age groups are using QR Codes, people ages 35-44 are scanning QR Codes the most.
  • Does gender influence who scans QR Codes? One Mobio study showed that 64% of QR Codes were scanned by females!
  • Why are people scanning QR Codes? 87% of people are scanning QR Codes to get additional product information.
  • Growth? Perhaps the most impressive statistic is that two studies reviewed show a 1,200% growth in the scanning of QR Codes over just the last 6 months of 2010.


As a local business owner, it’s important to give consumers multiple ways of taking action – from a phone number or address provided on a card, to scanning a QR code to the website where they can request a quote or make a phone call. Creating a marketing plan where all of your marketing efforts work together is smart business, so considering taking advantage of this deal today.

Chris Marentis

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