TV Advertising Comes to Twitter

Posted by: Chris Marentis

TV Advertising Comes to Twitter



Twitter has become an essential part of the TV viewing experience, in fact Twitter cites that “64 percent of mobile centric users on Twitter use it in front of the TV at home.” During the average basic cable television block, Twitter handles are promoted alongside everything from station tags to advertisements. More and more viewers use Twitter to talk about TV shows while watching them and engage in dialogues surrounding major live television events like the Super Bowl. In fact, the connection between Twitter and TV has become so significant that it’s often used to measure a TV program’s success. Considering the steady integration of the two media platforms on TV, it’s only logical that TV complete the circle by migrating over to Twitter, and that’s exactly what’s happened.

How the Synchronization Works

Thanks to TV ad targeting, promotions on Twitter may actually become more effective than traditional TV commercials, or in the least, a valuable extension that leads to sales. Twitter has acquired Bluefin Labs, which will enable it to target ads and even synchronize Twitter with TV ad campaigns. New technology enables Twitter to find out when and where TV commercials are being aired so it can deliver ads from the same company to  Twitter users on its own platform.

If you’re already producing and running TV commercials, running ads on Twitter can substantially boost the success of your campaign. Twitter syncs your TV commercial running times with the TV shows they intersect and promotes Tweets you’ve created for the same campaign. It targets the audience for your tweets by tracking real-time TV viewer’s tweets about shows while they air, and promotes ads to them from the same brands they see in TV commercials.

What This Means for Small Business Owners

Although your small business may not be interested in Twitter TV commercial syncing right away, it’s important to pay attention to major shifts like these. Rather than watching TV programs on flat screens mounted in the living room, more and more people are turning to streaming online content, and viewer behavior increasingly suggests they want a more interactive TV watching experience.twitter

This trend toward interactivity should carry over to all of your local social media marketing. Rather than unconsciously consuming promotional messaging, users want to have a discussion with business owners and other customers. This move is yet another sign that TV, digital, and mobile are continuing to merge.

More Options for Advertisers

Business owners who decide to run TV synced ads on Twitter will benefit from an advanced advertising dashboard, which Twitter is rolling out in conjunction with the new TV synchronization. While it’s always a good idea to turn to local marketing experts for help with your online advertising, the dashboard provides business owners with basic insight into how their ads are performing and how they can be improved.

Lately we’ve seen several social media networks, including Facebook and Pinterest, improve their tools for advertisers, and Twitter is following their lead with this new dashboard for TV advertising.

While it’s in beta testing mode, Twitter’s new TV ads are only available to some users. For now, the ads will only be available to Twitter users in the United States

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