The New “Facebook for Business” Will Be Huge For Contractors

Posted by: Chris Marentis

The New “Facebook for Business” Will Be Huge For Contractors


Before Facebook’s recent changes, navigating all of its advertising options was confusing and time-consuming, and busy contractors may have been overwhelmed. Small businesses are gravitating toward Facebook advertising; in fact, Facebook recently reported that it is has 1 million unique advertisers. Because contractors and other small businesses bring in so much ad revenue for Facebook, it can no longer ignore our concerns.


Recognizing the challenges that small businesses often face, Facebook simplified its advertising products and launched Facebook for Business. Whether you have experience with Facebook ads or not, this new tool will benefit contractor businesses like yours. Best of all, the information is presented in a way that all business leaders can relate to.

Customized Advertising for Your Goals

Before Facebook for Business, local social media marketing professionals would have to choose from more than 25 different types of advertising products. If they chose the wrong one, they could potentially run an ineffective campaign and waste their company’s ad dollars.

Facebook for Business eliminates this problem. Based on your contractor business’s goals, Facebook will recommend an advertising product. For example, if your goal is to generate more referral sales, Facebook may recommend that you market to the friends of your followers.

Facebook also makes it easy for marketers to find this information. It’s right under the Solutions menu item, where you will find detailed descriptions of all of Facebook’s advertising options.

If you’ve reviewed the material and still can’t figure out which option is best for your contractor business, you can even talk to a live person who can provide more guidance. This is huge news! If you’ve had experience with advertising on Facebook in the past, you might have noticed that it’s close to impossible to speak to someone when you run into any issues. Now, finding help when you need it won’t be a hassle at all.

Sound Marketing Advice

Besides additional guidance on Facebook advertising, Facebook for Business also provides marketers with sound marketing advice on everything from managing your Facebook page to creating content that appeals to your audience. Although this advice doesn’t go beyond the Facebook platform, the case studies found in the Success Stories section may spark some creativity that you can apply to your own Facebook marketing strategy.

Get Updates Through the Blog

The Facebook for Business Blog will keep Facebook mangers supplied with up-to-date information about changes that will have an impact on their contractor business’s Facebook presence.

Utilize the Insights Tool

Along with Facebook for Business, the social media network has also introduced more robust Insights tools. Even if you follow Facebook for Business’s recommendations, be sure to use Insights to evaluate how your ad campaigns are doing. Facebook may understand your goals, but there is no way for it to judge your potential customers and the intricacies of your contractor business.




Chris Marentis

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