Generate leads for ZERO marketing dollars: eNewsletters

Posted by: Chris Marentis

Generate leads for ZERO marketing dollars: eNewsletters


Last week, Bob Sheehan gave insight to email appends. This service, offered by Surefire Social, takes lead information that your company already owns and connects the contacts with accurate email addresses.  The service typically renders a 20% success rating and is updated frequently to ensure accuracy.  Bob then went on to say that once you receive all of these lists it is important to not let the list go stale and that you must start implementing eNewsletters.

I recently hosted a webinar on the benefits and strategies of a successful email marketing campaign, and one of the main focuses was on eNewsletters.

Here are just some of the many benefits:

  • Best ROI of Any internet marketing campaign
  • Cost effective
  • Great lead generator
  • Increases branding
  • Soft sell
  • Drip effect

So what are some tips to implementing a successful email marketing campaign?

  1. Make a good first impression.  This is true in life, and it is true online.  This could be the first time a potential lead is hearing about your company.  Make sure that every newsletter you send is your best work.  Proofread, correct style issues, and make sure the tone fits in with your company’s style and voice.
  2. Don’t hard sell. People will see right through this.  If you want to, you can work into the newsletter some exciting company news about a new product, or a review of something that your company features, but be sure to leave the hard sell at home.  It guarantees a surge in opt-outs.
  3. Don’t over expose  It’s tempting to want to email your list constantly.  It’s cheap, and as mentioned before it is the best ROI of any internet marketing campaign.  But control the urge.  If people feel that you are filling their inbox, they will either unsubscribe or just ignore.

A successful email marketing campaign has many parts, but an eNewsletter is a foundation that can not be ignored or forgotten.  Nurture your content, and you’ll be surprised how many leads turn into customers.

Chris Marentis

For nearly three decades, Chris Marentis, Founder and CEO of Surefire Social, has been responsible for driving innovation and sales growth for large media and e-commerce brands as well as start-ups. With a long-history of counseling local businesses about their marketing efforts, Marentis provides insight on what it takes for small businesses to succeed and thrive in today’s evolving digital environment. His notable career includes creating the foundational blueprints for online marketing, e-commerce and content branding for AOL’s Interactive Marketing group, where he served as Senior Vice President. While CEO of Clearspring Technologies, Marentis developed one of the most widely adopted venture-backed Web 2.0 technology platforms. Marentis is a frequent speaker at local digital marketing conferences and a contributor to SMB and technology-focused publications.

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