Semantic Search and Social Go Hand in Hand

Posted by: Chris Marentis

Semantic Search and Social Go Hand in Hand


With Google’s shift to semantic search, local social media marketing is now more important than ever. Your business’s social signals lend credibility to your search results. The more people interact with your content, by Liking it, sharing it, +1ing it, and so on, the better your search results will be. These social signals tell Google which pages have the greatest impact on web users, and it assigns page rank accordingly. To learn more about how Google and other search engines work, check out our major search engine guide.


What Is Semantic Search?

According to Social Media Today, Google is gradually shifting the way that it delivers results to users. Instead of providing them with exact matches to the words they typed in the search bar, Google is beginning to take search results a step further by figuring out the user’s true intent. This new method of getting inside people’s heads, so to speak, is called semantic search.

Overall, semantic search is great for search users, who will see less spam and more of what they want in their search results. Although some businesses will have to shift some of their marketing priorities, in general, more accurate search results are better for business.

What Does the Change Mean for Businesses?

Google’s semantic search means that businesses can’t focus solely on SEO or social media. They must be able to employ SEO techniques and provide their users with high-quality, original content on their website and social networks. In short, for businesses to have a powerful digital footprint, they have to focus on social media, SEO and content creation as one. If you’re a bit confused on how to successfully integrate them together, check out our new SMB Visible Program.

It makes sense for businesses to continue to devote resources to building their social media presence, and to continue keeping their followers engaged. With the new Insights tool for Facebook, for example, it’s easier for your business to find out what types of Facebook posts are working to build engagement and which aren’t. All of the major social networks have some type of built-in metrics tools. Make sure you’re using them to keep your social media users interested in what you have to say. Also, use social media networks to share your original website content. When your website and social media networks are working together, your business looks more credible to Google, and as a result, it boosts your search ranking.

Google is leading the way when it comes to semantic search. It will never send out a press release about it’s semantic search, because it’s already evolving, little by little. So, don’t fall behind with the others- start brainstorming a way for your business to implement SEO strategies, social media and content creation as one integrated marketing program.

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