Revamp Your Social Media Marketing with Facebook’s Embedded Posts

Posted by: Chris Marentis

Revamp Your Social Media Marketing with Facebook’s Embedded Posts


Facebook has tremendous influence on consumers, and this year it has focused on changes that make it easier for businesses to connect with the customers. Some customers have used the Facebook platform to write positive reviews about a business. Unfortunately for the business owners, Facebook reviews aren’t easily transferred to another website.

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But that won’t be a problem any more: According to Hubspot, Facebook has launched a new feature that will allow local internet marketing professionals to embed Facebook posts onto websites. Now those glowing Facebook reviews will be available for more people to see. Even better, after your post has been embedded, people who visit your website will be able to interact with the post directly on your website, which means that the post will likely get more comments, likes, and shares.

How It Works

Almost any small- or medium-sized business will find marketing value in the embedded posts feature. Similar to Twitter’s new embedded tweet feature, it involves copying and pasting a short block of code into your website’s HTML. (Don’t worry: The code is generated for you.) Just clock on the grey arrow on the top right corner of your post, click on ‘Embed Post,’ and the code will appear.

How To Leverage Embedded Posts

The process of embedding posts is straightforward, but for local social media marketing professionals, the embedded posts feature offers several possibilities for connecting to your customers. All it takes is some creative vision.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, you may want to use the feature to highlight some of the comments that customers have left on your Facebook page. Also, your Facebook fans might have gotten involved in lively discussions on your Facebook page; this might be used to create a new blog post. Some companies may even want to include portions of interesting Facebook chats in their e-newsletters. Another benefit: Sharing Facebook chats might encourage your followers to keep interacting with your company on Facebook.

Make Your Announcements Even More Important

The new Facebook feature is great for making important announcements, such as a new product launch or the grand opening of a new location. With embedded posts, you post information on Facebook as well as your website and blog. That way, your company will get more attention as people share and comment on your post.

When To Expect Embedded Posts

Unfortunately, most people aren’t able to embed their Facebook posts just yet. Only big-time companies have the ability right now, but according to Facebook, the feature will be available to everyone soon.

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