Pinterest Introduces New Analytics Tool

Posted by: Chris Marentis

Pinterest Introduces New Analytics Tool


If your business hasn’t leveraged Pinterest yet, it might be a favorable time to get in on the pinning action. The photo bookmarking site has become valuable for businesses who want to build interest in their products without direct targeting their audience with invasive ads.

Consider adding Pinterest as part of your local social media marketing strategy. As one of the fastest-growing social websites on the web, Pinterest is worth looking into. Last year its referral traffic exceeded Facebook and Twitter’s. Pinterest users sometimes lose track of time, spending hours browsing photos, articles, and anything interesting they can find on the web, and businesses can capitalize on that user engagement to engage their audience.

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Pinterest introduced business accounts in November, giving businesses another opportunity to reach another audience through social media. With the launch of its business site, Pinterest promised web analytics tools, and now it is delivering that promise with the introduction of tools that might prove useful to business owners. After testing the new analytics tools on several brands, Pinterest launched it for all business users, and it seems to be working without any glitches.

What your business can learn from the new analytics tools:

  • The number of people who have seen your company’s pin
  • Your company’s most clicked pins
  • The number of people who saw your pin and then went to your website
  • The number of people who pinned an item from your website to Pinterest

Changes Ahead

So far, Pinterest doesn’t charge users, but the new tool is raising questions about whether it will try to generate revenue in the future. Its main focus has been getting people to use the site regularly so that they keep coming back. Pinterest is reportedly considering an advertising system.

Before the recent launch of Pinterest’s internal web analytics tools, it allowed third-party applications to track data. This launch could be a sign that Pinterest is now working to gain more control over outside groups’ access to its information, which is another hint that Pinterest is looking to generate revenue. Facebook and Twitter both began to limit third-party applications as they prepared to earn more profits.

How To Get Started

Even if your business hasn’t launched a complete Pinterest campaign, you can get started with web analytics by tracking pins from your website. Just visit Pinterest’s business site and with a few easy steps you’ll be tracking your visitors’ pins. Businesses should check out Pinterest’s upgraded business site to get ideas and tips. With a little effort, Pinterest can be integrated into your local internet marketing plan.

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