Pins Now Appear in Bing Image Search Results

Posted by: Chris Marentis

Pins Now Appear in Bing Image Search Results


Pinterest has been rapidly growing in popularity among users and marketers alike. Thankfully, it’s been keeping pace with the expansion by creating many useful tools and tweaks for local marketing experts such as article posts and improved analytics.


Meanwhile, Microsoft’s Bing has shown that it has an edge on Google, which recently stopped providing marketers with keyword search data. Google says that this change protects user privacy, but it also limits marketers’ ability to learn which keywords are driving consumers to their websites.

According to Hubspot, Bing has recently given itself another advantage over its most formidable competitors: it now includes Pinterest pins in its image search results, which is great news for local social media marketing professionals. If your company is active on Pinterest, you probably spend a significant amount of your time developing content for Pinterest and managing your account. Compared to some other social media networks, Pinterest requires a substantial amount of time and creativity.

But thankfully, now that Bing users can find your company’s boards more easily, your effort will have more of an impact. The best part is that the automatic sync means no extra work is required on the marketers end.

How to Make a Greater Impact with Bing and Pinterest

 As we said, Bing is still providing marketers with tremendously valuable keyword data. Once you find out what terms your customers are using to find your business; for example, if the top search term is “window treatments,” you can then create a Pinterest board about window treatments, assuming that’s one of the products that your company provides. Because people have already been searching for it, you know that they will find your Pinterest board through Bing. Just make sure that you include search-friendly descriptions on your Pinterest page.

When people find your Pinterest boards on Bing, as long as your content is engaging and relevant to users, people will likely end up on your company website. From there, they may become interested in your company or even purchase your window treatments, for instance. They may even become valuable, longtime customers.

Keep in mind that Pinterest pins are considered “no-follow” links, so you can’t rely on them to help your website gain authority. The real value of this new capability is attracting more people to your Pinterest boards and ultimately to your company website.

For now, the feature is only available to U.S. users, but it is possible for people outside the United States to manually change their location on Bing. Just click on the gear icon on the top right corner of the browser window.


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