New Feature Enables Lawyers to Share Written Content on Pinterest

Posted by: Chris Marentis

New Feature Enables Lawyers to Share Written Content on Pinterest


Because Pinterest requires mostly visual content, many law firms struggle to make productive use of it within their local internet marketing plan. After all, the practice of law doesn’t lend itself to catchy phrases and hilarious memes the way areas like fashion and pop culture do. As a lawyer, you have to keep your image professional and stay away from any content that makes light of any of your clients’ circumstances. However, a recently added Pinterest feature may be just what your firm needs to get a start on a photo-sharing platform.


According to Hubspot, Pinterest has introduced pins for articles. Although it was possible to post articles before this change, the articles will now be formatted in a visually appealing way. Each article post will include a headline, author byline, short description, and source URL.

If you posted articles on Pinterest before the new feature was rolled out, they will automatically be adapted to the new format, so you won’t have to repost articles that you added to Pinterest in the past.

What It Means for Lawyers

Article pins offer a unique opportunity for lawyers, who typically have plenty of written content but don’t usually have a steady supply of visual content. Most likely, your law firm is already writing great content for its blog. Even though the new feature allows lawyers to post articles in an attractive layout, it’s still important that your articles include relevant photos to capture Pinterest users attention. In the new format, images will be displayed more prominently.

The short description of your article, known as the meta description, will also draw Pinterest users into your content. Make sure it is accurate, succinct, and well-written. It’s a good idea to take a look at some other law firms on Pininterest and the types of articles other business’s are postings to give you an idea of how to set up your own.

As for the content itself, make sure it will appeal to a broad range of visitors. News stories that relate to your area of law and your geographic area are a good place to start.

Consider Paid Advertising Too

Pinterest’s growth is outpacing several other social media websites, and it seems to be growing in popularity for both users and local social media marketing professionals. For this reason, it shouldn’t be surprising that Pinterest also announced this week that it’s rolling out a new advertising platform. If you’re using Pinterest for organic marketing, paid advertising will likely enhance your marketing efforts on Pinterest.

Hop on the Pinterest Bandwagon

Because this new Pinterest feature is so easy to incorporate into your social media marketing strategy, there’s no reason not to try it out. Pinterest makes it easy for your followers to instantly share your content, which boosts user engagement as well as your website’s SEO.


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