Need an Image for Your Ad? Facebook Can Help

Posted by: Chris Marentis

Need an Image for Your Ad? Facebook Can Help


Now that Facebook is home to more than 1 million advertisers, the social network is working harder to keep advertisers—many of which are small business owners—happy.

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We’ve talked about how social media users are drawn to visual content—photos, videos, infographics, charts, etc.—but in practice, it can be difficult for local social media marketing professionals to find an image that will complement your message.

Thankfully, Facebook’s new program might help you with this problem. According to Mashable, Facebook recently announced a partnership with Shutterstock that will enable you to choose one of millions of images to use in your Facebook ad. 

Take Advantage of Cost Savings

This move has the potential to save your small business a lot of money. If you’ve ever tried to purchase stock photography online, the costs can quickly add up. Some companies may have grabbed images from Google, which could lead to trouble. Besides, these borrowed images are often poor in quality, and it’s hard to find one that relates to your company’s product or service. By contrast, Shutterstock is a widely known and respected source of professional stock photos.

How It Works

To select a photo for your ad, just use the ad creation tool. Browsing the photo collection for relevant images might give you ideas for new ad campaigns. It’s likely that Facebook prohibits advertisers from using the photo elsewhere in a coordinated marketing campaign, but if you’re going for consistency, you’ll probably be able to purchase the same image on Shutterstock for use in your email messages, print materials, or other media.

Put Photos to the Test

Even though the photos will be free, local marketing experts will likely want to find out which type of photo works best for them. With the new system, you’ll be able to upload different photos for each ad so that you can see how well the photos perform in comparison to the others.

Make sure that you at least check out this new product. Without the right photo, your ad will be lost among all of the other visually compelling ads from other advertisers. Now there’s no excuse not to include a compelling photo in your Facebook advertising.

Although Facebook has made the official announcement, it’s not clear when the feature will roll out to marketers. Because the deal between Facebook and Shutterstock has already been made, it probably won’t take long for it to appear within your ad creation tools. Keep checking the Facebook News blog for updates.


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