Mortgage Brokers May Want to Rethink Their SEO Strategies

Posted by: Chris Marentis

Mortgage Brokers May Want to Rethink Their SEO Strategies


We local marketing experts spend a lot of time evaluating which SEO tactics are working for mortgage brokers and which aren’t. It’s always good to be able to adjust your strategy as SEO guidelines change, and to pay special attention when Google makes changes to its search algorithm. You could be sabotaging your marketing efforts by ignoring one of Google’s pet peeves. The search giant has recently said in its Webmaster Guidelines that adding several optimized anchor links in press releases will lower your PageRank.


In other words, Google doesn’t want you to load your press releases with links with the intent to boost your search rankings. These link schemes, as Google calls them, can actually hurt your SEO. However, if you include a link or two to your website, where readers can get more information, it is unlikely that Google will punish you, and it may even help your SEO.

Relying on press releases to boost your SEO isn’t a great strategy. Most websites that post your press release remove it after a while, so it’s not ideal for long-term growth. Basically, SEO shouldn’t be the primary purpose of posting your press release online. Instead, your press release should tell your audience about an important change or event that matters to them. Ultimately, you want a journalist to discover your press release and write a story about your company.

Avoid Unnatural Links in Guest Blog Posts

The same thinking applies to guest blog posts. Although guest blog posts are a great way to build your influence as a mortgage broker online and to further distribute your digital footprint, avoid loading your blog posts with excessive links to your site. If your links are excessive, Google considers them “unnatural” and may drop your search ranking as a result.  Here’s a tip: When you find a high-ranking site you wish to submitted blog posts to, include a bio at the end that includes a link to your mortgage company’s site.  Including one or two keywords linking back to your site in the body of your post won’t hurt either.

PageRank Still Matters

This change is a sign to marketers that inbound links and PageRank still matter to Google, which means that the number and quality of links to your website are still important when it comes to SEO. It might be a good time for mortgage brokers to assess their inbound links.

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It’s All About Your Clients

Because Google’s methods for assigning PageRank are always changing, it’s best to optimize your website for your clients. Make your website interesting for people to read with fresh, new content and they’ll keep coming back. A proper back-linking strategy will lead to more inbound links to your website, a better search ranking, and more business.


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