Measure Your Social Media Marketing with Google Analytics

Posted by: Chris Marentis

Measure Your Social Media Marketing with Google Analytics


Google Analytics is full of amazing features that can do wonders for your marketing, and it’s not just for your company website. Many local social media marketing professionals can find value in using it to measure their social media marketing impact.


Set Up Advanced Segments

The first step is adding all of your social media sites to your Google Analytics by clicking on the Advanced Segments button. From there, you can add your company’s Facebook page, Twitter feed, and more. After you’ve set this up, you can see where your company’s social media followers are located. This can help you determine where you decide to hold company events. You can also use this information to help you set up Facebook and Twitter ads that are targeted based on location.

Learn More about Your Followers

Advanced Segments also enables you to see how many of your social media followers are engaging with your company on a mobile device. If you find that 50 percent or more of your followers use their mobile devices to connect, you’ll need to be sure to tailor your content to this audience. Start by checking out your social media sites on mobile devices to see how your content appears on various devices. Make sure that all of your content is legible and that your images are large and colorful enough to catch people’s attention. If you post links that direct people to forms, make sure they are mobile ready so it’s easy to fill them out on a mobile device.

Set and Measure Marketing Goals

The real value of Google Analytics comes with setting and measuring goals. Most likely, your local internet marketing efforts are aimed at getting people to purchase a product on your website. After someone completes a transaction, most companies acknowledge the purchase with a “Thank you for your business” web page.

To set up a goal in Google Analytics, go to the Admin page, which can be found in the upper right corner. Once you’re on your profile page, click on the Goals menu and then New Goal. Then you can name your new goal, click the URL Destination as the goal type, and copy the URL of your thank-you page and paste it into the Goal Details field and click Save. Google Analytics will begin tracking how many people are completing transactions and which sites they came from. This will quickly show you which social media sites are working well for your company, and which ones need some help.

Use the Data Effectively

Using Google Analytics to track social networks is only worthwhile if you use the information to make adjustments to your social marketing strategy. If you notice that one social media site is drawing lots of attention to your business, allocate more time and resources for that site.

Chris Marentis

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