Make the Most of LinkedIn’s New Homepage

Posted by: Chris Marentis

Make the Most of LinkedIn’s New Homepage


If you’re like most people in the local social media marketing industry, you can’t help but notice the trend toward visual content. LinkedIn is following in the footsteps of Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and other popular social networks with its introduction of new homepage features.

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Although you might have been sharing news stories and status messages, now you can use the LinkedIn homepage to share presentations, photos, and documents with your LinkedIn connections. This can be tremendously helpful for promoting your business to the large network of professionals. For instance, if you remodel homes, you could post photos of your latest work, or even a video walk-through tour of a home you’ve recently remodeled.

Users will have the opportunity to like and comment on your posts, which is similar to the Facebook format.

Reach the LinkedIn Audience

It’s important to keep in mind, however, that the LinkedIn audience is different from the Facebook and Twitter audience, so you might not want to recycle all of your Facebook and Twitter content for LinkedIn. The typical LinkedIn user is a professional, so you want to keep your posts interesting and related to your business. And, most important, stay away from anything that might look like spam.

Use Infographics to Tell a Story

Infographics will likely become popular for LinkedIn users. Some companies may use infographics to tell a story about how their business is performing, which will also capture the attention of potential customers. Remember to keep these professional and stay away from any potentially divisive topics such as politics.

Sharing content that’s already posted on your company website or blog will help to increase your website traffic, which is a goal for most businesses. When you share content from another site, a photo from the site will appear, which will encourage users to click on the link.

LinkedIn is rolling out the new homepage features gradually, but you can expect to see the changes soon. When the new homepage features are available to you, the paperclip button on the right side of the Share box will enable you to add all sorts of visual content. Because social media users are accustomed to this format through their use of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more, LinkedIn users will likely welcome the changes.

Get Engaged on LinkedIn

By becoming a regular LinkedIn user, you can tap into the wealth of knowledge that some LinkedIn users in your industry provide. LinkedIn is a hub for thought leaders, especially for people in the local internet marketing industry, and logging in more than once or twice a month will likely benefit your career.

Chris Marentis

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