Local Marketing Mistakes Franchises Make and Their Solutions

Posted by: Chris Marentis

Local Marketing Mistakes Franchises Make and Their Solutions


One of the biggest challenges for franchises today is capitalizing on the brand power and resources of their national brand while driving local business to their franchise location. Though your national brand may have a huge national presence, franchise managers are still left with the daunting task of making their numbers. The road to successfully marketing your franchise isn’t always an easy or straightforward one, but the following strategies are key to every franchises success.

Mistake: Depend exclusively on national brand website

Set Up a Franchise Website

For franchise managers, setting up a website is the first step. Even if your national brand has a website, franchisees need to set up a local website that they can control.


Without a website, you can’t connect with local customers who are searching for your products or services. Customers will simply move on to the next search result in your area. Most franchises create a website with a URL that includes their geographic location, such as www.denver.windowpros.com.

Also, it’s important that your website is easy to update and manage. Most newer websites come equipped with an easy-to-use content management system (CMS), which can make website updates as simple as using Microsoft Word.  

Mistake: Trying to say too much in marketing collateral

Keep Your Marketing Messages Simple

It can be easy for franchise managers to cram several messages into one ad, but customers respond to ads that convey only one or two messages with a single call to action. In most cases, simpler the better. Be sure to take an active role in managing your marketing so that you project a consistent brand image that’s easy for local customers to identify and remember.

Mistake: Underestimating the benefits of local listings

Register for Free Local Business Directories

Especially for local marketers, it’s critical to get your business listed on the top free online business directories: Google Places, Bing, Yahoo!, and Yelp. Local customers often turn to these directories when they’re searching for businesses in their geographic area, and the inbound links from these credible sites will boost your search engine rankings.

And best of all, it will cost nothing to register your business on these directories, so there’s no reason not to take advantage of this marketing opportunity.

Mistake: Not using your national brands franchisee resources

Leverage the Financial Power of Your National Brand

Thanks to national to local marketing, national brands often provide financial support for their franchisees. Unfortunately, some franchisees fail to take advantage of this funding, which could enable them to build and manage their own local websites or invest in other forms of local internet marketing.  

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