Klout and Bing Team Up to Provide Snapshots in Search Results

Posted by: Chris Marentis

Klout and Bing Team Up to Provide Snapshots in Search Results


bingLately, Microsoft’s search engine Bing has been working with social networking sites to offer its users more opportunities to connect with people and businesses. Several weeks ago it began including Pinterest pins in its image search results. Most recently, says Tech Crunch, Bing has joined forces with Klout to bring more focus to users social accomplishments, namely their Klout score – which will now be searchable in Bing. In return, Bing search results are included in users Klout scores, which helps the search engine increase its web influence.

What Is Klout?

Klout is a website that aggregates Internet users social activity across social media networks to measure social influence, and assigns a numerical ranking that ranges from 1 to 100. Over the last year or so, Klout has been struggling with its business model, and has been rumored to be losing steam.

It’s partnership with Bing could give Klout the exposure it needs to bounce back after a tough year. In addition to search results, Bing users will see Snapshots from Klout on the right side of their browser window. The Snapshots will include links to social networks you’ve connected to Klout, including your LinkedIn profile, recent tweets, and Instagram photos. The more updates you have on social networking sites, the better. Keep in mind that your Klout content will only appear as a Snapshot in Bing search results if you choose to opt in. If you decide to opt in, you will need to log on to Klout to claim your profile.

Although it’s impossible to predict the degree of success Snapshots will bring to Klout, some Bing users who are not currently Klout users will see the Snapshots and may be interested enough to create their own Klout account. Klout users have little control over what appears in their Snapshots, so, for example, you can’t claim to work for the best small business in town unless that happens to be on one of your social media profiles. To learn more about improving your social media profiles, turn to local social media marketing experts.

How It May Help Your Small Business

Some business owners may want to use Klout to help build both their personal brand and their small business’ brand. With the additional exposure to Klout, business owners may be able to establish personal connections with the people who are searching for businesses in their industry. It is unknown whether Bing uses only search terms to find the relevant Klout Snapshots, or if geographic location is part of the algorithm.

If you haven’t yet set up a Klout account, this integration with Bing may persuade you to create one. Bing is taking several actions to make it search features more competitive with Google, its most formidable competitor. To learn more about Google and other search engines, check out our major search engine guide.

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