Is Your Medical Practice Ready for a YouTube Channel?

Posted by: Chris Marentis

Is Your Medical Practice Ready for a YouTube Channel?


YouTube is a powerful marketing tool, and it has a user base of more than 1 billion to prove it. Despite the prevalence of websites that host user generated video content, YouTube has remained the leading online video aggregator.

YouTube can be an excellent vehicle for reaching local markets, but like most social networks, it’s vital that every business approaches it with a content plan that addresses the unique needs of its audience.


Make Sure You Have the Resources

Although YouTube videos are far less expensive than TV commercials, you still need to make sure that your medical practice has the resources necessary to make high-quality videos that people will take the time to watch. Even though YouTube videos don’t have to be as polished as TV commercials, they still need to look professional. The basic components you will need include video equipment, design programs, and editing software.


Make Sure You Have the Right People

There are many decisions to make before producing videos for YouTube. Besides the on-camera talent, designers, or animators, you’ll need creative minds to communicate to your audience and a designated team member to manage the project. After filming you’ll need someone to edit the videos for you. If your medical practice doesn’t have people with these skills on staff, don’t be afraid to seek help from local marketing experts for guidance.

Also, as with any marketing content put out by medical practices, your practice must be mindful of privacy regulations throughout the project. As you already know, none of your patients can be featured in the videos. Chances are, you’re already paying close attention to patient privacy, especially if you’re active on social media.

 Set Clear Goals

 Rather than blindly posting YouTube videos, hoping that someone will take notice, make sure that you and your colleagues set goals and follow them. There should be a clear focus for your presence on YouTube. After all, if you don’t understand your purpose, it’s not likely that your audience will, either.

Make Time for YouTube

No matter the platform, local social media marketing takes time. YouTube is no different from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or any other social network. If you start a YouTube channel but don’t take the time to keep it updated, it will become worthless and may even make your medical practice appear disengaged.

If you’re already on social networks like Facebook and Twitter and aren’t sure if you have the time for YouTube, that’s alright. To get started, you can try posting videos on your blog or other social networks until you feel comfortable with video. According to Social Media Today, it’s better to hold off on YouTube until you’re sure that your medical practice is ready.


Chris Marentis

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