How to Use Vine Videos to Connect with Your Dental Patients

Posted by: Chris Marentis

How to Use Vine Videos to Connect with Your Dental Patients


Since Twitter introduced Vine, some businesses may have wondered how they could communicate with a 6-second video. But some local marketing experts have managed to do just that, and with the right mindset, your dental practice can, too. Because the videos are so short, you don’t need a lot of money to make them. Just make sure that the videos that you post are original.

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Social media networks like Twitter have been shifting toward visual content for some time now. With Vine, the key to effective local social media marketing is combining text and video, especially when it’s part of a larger campaign.

Here are a few ways that your dental practice can use Vine to interact with your patients on Twitter:

Respond to patients

Dentists might find themselves tweeting back and forth with their patients, but if you want to connect with your patients in a more personal way, try video. To protect your patients’ privacy, be sure to keep your posts general, and don’t use your patients’ names.

You can respond to patients’ feedback—positive or negative—through Vine, too. Your patients might also appreciate a simple “thank you” message.

Introduce new services and equipment

When you purchase new equipment that will make office visits faster, less expensive, or more comfortable, don’t forget to let your patients know! Maybe you have a new online check-in system that eliminates wait times for your patients.

Whatever your news, Vine is the perfect medium for announcements. Be sure to include a brief description of the equipment and how it will improve their experience.

Go behind the scenes

Maybe your patients have always wondered what’s behind the front desk, or how your staff keeps track of all of the magazines in the waiting area. You’d be surprised what interests your patients. Best of all, using Vine to give patients a sneak peak at the inner workings of your practice will get them more interested in you, and in an ideal situation, increases their loyalty to you.

Become your patients’ source of information

Make sure that your patients turn to you for any questions related to their oral health. Demonstrate flossing and brushing techniques with short how-to videos.

Better yet, encourage your followers to post tips of their own. That way, your patients will be doing a lot of the creative work for you. To garner more user-generated content, hold a contest and give a prize to the person with the best Vine video. It may be helpful to post sample videos to get their ideas flowing.



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