How to Make Google Like Your Small Business Website

Posted by: Chris Marentis

How to Make Google Like Your Small Business Website


Although many consumers have come to depend on the power of Google to search the web for almost everything, business owners sometimes find it frustrating. Every company wants to find itself at the top of search results, but achieving that goal often proves difficult, especially when experts’ advice sometimes seems contradictory.

content is king

For advice that’s based on hard data, local internet marketing professionals can give you an overview of the latest stats from Searchmetrics. The company compiled information from more than 300,000 website URLs and drew correlations between Google search results and website characteristics.


Here’s what marketers can learn from the results:

Social Media Is Still Important

According to a report from Social Media Today, companies with a strong presence on social media tend to have better search rankings. Because Google+ is one of Google’s own products, it’s understandable that it values +1s on Google+ more than other forms of social sharing on platforms such as Facebook or Pinterest.

In fact, a company’s social presence may be even more important than employing standard SEO practices such as H1 and H2 tags. While these are necessary, they won’t do much to improve your page rank because they’ve become the standard that most companies follow.

Content Is King

Without high-quality content to back up your social media, your SEO is likely to suffer too. Companies that have the most relevant, engaging content for users will see the biggest boost in their search rankings.

Also, be sure that the links to your blogs articles and other web content contain relevant verbage. If the URLs are full of unintelligible gibberish, they’re not as effective for SEO. Though, it once was important to include keywords in URL’s, with Google changed algorithm, it’s no longer critical.

What will help you stand out is having local marketing experts place keywords in the title of an article and throughout the article as well. But don’t overdo it. Users should be able to enjoy your content without feeling like they are reading Mad Libs.

The best part about creating original content for your website is the number of attached benefits. High-quality content will drive social media users to your website, and your current customers will likely find value in the information your provide for them online. All of these factors have a positive impact on your business’s website traffic and your brand appeal.

Tap into the Power of YouTube

Lastly, remember that Google rewards websites that use Google’s tools and apps. Since Google owns YouTube, it can be helpful for you to include embedded YouTube videos in some of your blog posts.

To learn more about Google, check out our Google guide.

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