How important are Promoted Facebook Posts for Your Company?

Posted by: Chris Marentis

How important are Promoted Facebook Posts for Your Company?


Facebook is one of the most cost-effective avenues to reach people and tell them about your brand. If you’re committed and active with your social media campaigns, you can get many users to follow, recommend, and share your posts, which can further increase your company’s exposure to potential customers.

However, due to a recent change to Facebook, you will have to shoulder some costs to continue to get your posts noticed on users’ news feeds. As reported by Search Engine Watch, the site is shifting away from organic reach in favor of sponsored posts. This means that even if you have plenty of fans who have liked your page, your publicity will be limited if you don’t subscribe to a payment plan.

Why You Should Still Invest in Facebook facebook marketing

With over a billion users to market to, Facebook’s promotion tools are still paying off in a big way for companies that have devoted funds to them. According to an article on Search Engine Journal, click through rates have increased by 375% compared to last year and advertisers are generally getting a 152% return on investment.

With so much promise, it’s evident that business owners ought to take a closer look. The possibilities outweigh the expense because consumers spend more time browsing social media sites than any other type of online activity. Statistics show that people use up 16 minutes out of every hour or 27% of their time on social networking on average. This means that if your business still isn’t wired to Facebook, you’re essentially giving leads away to your competitors.

Getting the Most Out of Promoted Posts

Even if you spend a lot of money boosting your posts, you can’t expect increased engagement if you don’t generate fresh and relevant content. You can’t just advertise your products and tell people to buy them because Facebook is a platform for interaction, not direct selling.

Your posts should be targeted toward a specific audience that will reap genuine benefits from your company’s offerings. Focus on promotions that your customers can actually appreciate and tell real stories that they can relate to. Check out this presentation about how to use promoted posts to improve your social media presence.

If you’ve been struggling to maintain a strong presence on Facebook, take at look at one of our blog posts about partner promoted posts. This new feature takes audience targeting to a whole new level and will surely increase your conversion rate. The online landscape is constantly changing and new ideas are always being created so it’s important to always be updated with the latest information.

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