How Google’s Rich Snippets Can Boost Your Web Traffic

Posted by: Chris Marentis

How Google’s Rich Snippets Can Boost Your Web Traffic


Adding rich snippets to your website is a sure way to improve your company’s local internet marketing. Because Google is constantly changing its algorithms, making your way to the top of Google’s search results is difficult for most companies. However, you can add rich snippets to your website yourself. The process does take a little bit of work as well as some basic knowledge of HTML5, but the extra effort will likely pay off for your company. Rich snippets can set you apart from your competitor and will likely have a positive impact on your company’s bottom line. Companies who have set up rich snippets get 30 percent more clicks. With a success rate like that, you can’t pass up this opportunity to improve your web traffic.

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How Do Rich Snippets Appear in Google?

Rich snippets add pizzazz to your basic website listing in Google. You may have noticed that some businesses have extra elements in Google search result listings. Most have a small photo, a star rating, and a short description of the company and its products and services, but you can add other items that relate to your business. For example, if you set up an author snippet, your listing can include other articles you’ve written.

Businesses like yours will probably want to include detailed information about their locations, hours, and prices. If there are customer reviews available for your businesses, your potential customers will find those helpful, too. Also, if you have a lot of great online reviews, you can create separate snippets for those.

How Do I Add My Own Rich Snippets?

Adding microdata to your website is the easiest way to integrate a rich snippet into your listing on Google. Although adding a rich snippet to your website requires some knowledge of how HTML works, you probably won’t need to hire an expert web programmer to add your snippets. You’ll only need to add a few basic <div> and <span> tags. Thankfully, Google provides great resources to guide you.

Test Your Rich Snippet

Be sure to test your rich snippet to make sure you’ve added the microdata correctly. You can preview your rich snippet on Google Webmaster Tools before it goes live.

Once you’ve added the microdata for your snippet and tested it, you’ll see your snippet online within three or four weeks. Still a little confused? Check out our Google handbook to learn more about using Google to reach customers. It’ll show you how to use Google’s 6 resources to boost you to the top of search results, fast!

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